Growing plants indoors is a great way how you can continue gardening even when it is cold outside and you cannot garden outdoors. But if you chose to grow any plants indoors, why not make them a part of your interior decor, because plants has the ability to add that touch of green and fresh to your space and to transform it from average to something special.

Fill void spaces

Corner-HouseplantOne of the best ways how to use your plants as decoration is to fill all of those blank or void spaces in your room with bigger or smaller plants. Weather it is a corner of the room that just looks bare or a tricky empty space that you just don’t know how to fill, plants will look great in these spaces. And if you place a plant there that doesn’t requires a lot of attention, then you are sure to have a success, since you won’t have to care for it much, just give it a little water and let it grow.

Herbs as decoration

Another way how to creatively use plants as decoration is to grow herbs in your kitchen or around your house. But don’t just place pots of herbs on your counters but actually create a wall decoration of herb pots as your mini indoors herb garden. It is easy to do, looks unique and also is very useful since you can use the herbs when you are cooking to add a fresh flavor to your food.

Botanic garden feel

Also you can easily make your own indoors oasis or botanic garden by filling a room in your house with plants of all variety. house with plantsThis will not only add such an unique feel to your home, because nowadays you don’t often seen houses with a tons of greenery in the rooms, but there will also be a lot of oxygen in your house, since plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis, as well as cleaner air, because plants absorb toxic vapors, therefore improving the air quality.

Add color in your rooms

And lastly you can also add quite a bit of color with plants in your home. Here I am not speaking only about green. Yes, green is the primary color plants come in and many times the green is so vibrant that it will look amazing in any otherwise white or muted-tone room, but there are so many plants that come in other colors, too. From flowers that nowadays can be seen in all colors under the sun and not just only in the usual red, pink, blue and yellow colors, to plants like Purple Passion plant, whose leaves are covered with purple hairs so it looks like the plant itself is purple, and plant called the ‘Lipstick’ echeverie, whose leave tips turn red, you can add color to your room with these plants without having to buy expensive colorful room decor.