Either you want to jump start your plants in the early spring or grow plants all year around you will need an artificial light to do so. And one of the best artificial lights are the T5 fluorescent grow lights that provide not only great light but also low energy consumption and cool operation temperature. One of the smallest options among T5 grow lights that will be suited for those who want to grow only one medium or a few small plants is the 2 feet 2 bulb T5 fixture. It is small, it is compact, but it also is extremely effective at its job. If you have decided to in fact buy this sized T5 fixture then here will be a list of the top 4 2 feet 2 bulb T5 fixtures.

Image / Model Wattage Brightness Color t° Our rating
48 W 6400K


48 W 6400K


48 W 6500K


48 W 6500K



EnviroGro FLT22

One of the most common names in T5 grow lights is the EnviroGro brand which is manufactured by one of the biggest companies in fluorescent lighting business – Hydrofarm. The strengths of this light are the fixtures performance which includes a high lumen output and ability to work in basically any environment and of course efficiency.

envirogro 22The lamp will consume 48 watts of electricity per each hour it is burned, because each of the 2 feet long bulbs chew up 24 watts of power. But if look at the lumen output which is 4,000 lumens then you can see that those 48 watts are very small amount.

Feature that adds to the flexibility of this light fixture is the fact that you can choose how you hang the light because it offers various different hanging configurations from classic overhead placement to horizontal and vertical options.

The design also has low profile element to it while still keeping the durability of the light. The housing of this High Output (HO) fixture is made out of steel that is powder coated as well as pre-galvanized. But on the inside of the light there is a ballast that matches all the newest technologies and reflectors that won’t let you lose any light.

And additional benefits include 9.8 feet (3 m) long grounded power cord and strategically placed on/off switch. The dimensions of the fixture are 24.4 inches to 9.4 to 4.7 inches (62cm x 24cm x 12cm) and it weighs only about 8 pounds (3.6kg).

LightWave 2 feet 2 tube T5 fixture

A bit cheaper option that is with pretty similar features as the previous T5 grow light fixture is this LightWave one that also is efficient in power usage, don’t produce a lot of heat that can be damaging and has an unique design.

This light will consume as much watts as the previous one meaning that each burning hour will cost you 48 watts of power, but it will emit a bit less lumens than the EnviroGro fixture. This LightWave lamp produces 3,300 lumens for the consumed watts.

lightwave 22However, smaller lumen output also means cooler operation temperature which means that the heat signature that this light has will be smaller as the previous lights. This especially benefits those who want to grow plants in small spaces, for example spices or herbs in kitchen cabinets, because you won’t need to install additional ventilation.

The light spectrum of this fixture also is very compatible with both vegetating and flowering plants, because the fixture produces only light, that is in spectrums that plants can use. And LightWave is the rare company that produces one type light for all purposes from plant seedlings to flowering plants, so with this fixture you will have the ability to use one and the same bulbs for all you plants life cycle. And you can use this light even for any other indoors purpose from aquariums to enclosures for animals.

This fixtures dimensions are 23.6 to 2.3 to 9 inches (60cm x 6cm x 23cm), it weighs about 8 pounds (3.6kg) and additionally you can configure the light so that you can hang it either horizontally or vertically.

Milliard 2 feet T5 fixture 2 tube

A cheaper fixture that however is definitely not the worst 2 feet 2 tube T5 fixture is this Milliard one that resembles the EnviroGro fixture in its efficiency, but have its own features that differs it from the other fixtures.

milliard 22The electricity consumption of this Milliard light is the regular 48 watts – 24 watts per each of the two bulbs in the fixture. But this fixture is able to produce 4,000 lumens of bright light. If we calculate the lumen to watt ration we get 83.3 lumens per each watt burned, that is a remarkable lumen count and will let you enjoy the benefits of T5 fixture without growing electricity bill.

This fixture is especially suitable for indoors grow operations from indoors greenhouses to simply indoors plants that need a bit of extra light to help them thrive. And thanks to the low heat emission of this fixture it will be easy to maintain these grow operations.

The design of the fixture feature various great characteristics too. The ballast of the fixture is made with super-reflective materials that will act as a reflector and reflect all of the light back to the plants, but the housing is constructed so that it is very durable and provide safety for the bulbs in any conditions.

DuroLux DL822

And the fixture that is the cheapest among basically all fixtures but can still provide more powerful light than all previous fixtures is this one by the brand DuroLux.

This light features the standard energy consumption on 24 watts per each bulb, 48 watts for the whole fixture because all of the fixtures have 2 feet bulbs in them. However, this lamp believe it or not will give your plants 5,000 lumens worth of light which is very impressive.

durolux 22Of course the high lumen count also come with one downside – this light will produce a bit more heat that the others do, but if you have big enough space or are willing to install some kind of ventilation system, even if it is some slots that let the air circulate in your grow room, then you should be fine and you can enjoy the benefits of high lumen output.

This fixture also have an unique design comparing to all other grow lights, that actually let DuroLux cut the costs of the light while still leaving the light very efficient. The DL822 don’t have hard housing around it, instead it has only German hammertone reflectors that not only can very efficiently reflect all light back to plants but will shield the bulbs from outside elements.

Great features that this fixture have are also the fact that you can daisy chain up to 24, yes 24 these kind of fixtures together creating huge grow operation, as well as AAG Succhi lampholder that is specially made so that the bulbs cannot come loose while they are turned on and cause fire.

The dimensions of this lamp are 23.5 inches in length, 12.5 inches in width and only 4 inches in height (59.69cm x 31.75cm x 10.16cm) and it weighs only 7 pounds (3.1kg).