A lot of plant growers and owners know that in winter plants tend to get less lively and grow a lot slower. A solution to this problem is grow light that can provide additional light to your plants for them to feel like it is summer and for them to start to grow again. One of the best grow lights for this purpose and for anyone that takes plant growing seriously and need lights to jumpstart their plant growth T5 grow lights are the perfect solution. Among the many various sizes there is one that might not be so popular but is ideal for medium to big size grow operations or a few house plants. That is the 4 feet 6 bulb T5 fixture and here are some of the best options of lights in this size in various prices and with various different specs.

Image / Model Wattage Brightness Color t° Our rating
324 W 6500K


324 W 6400K


324 W 6505K


324 W 6400K


324 W 6500K


324 W 6500K



DuroLux T5 Grow Light

The first grow light fixture I should mention is the DuroLux one, solely because it is the cheapest fixture available on the market, but even though it is extremely cheap coming in only a little over 100 dollars it still has great features and things that will really appeal to any plant grower.

duroThis inexpensive fixture will produce light that is 30,000 lumens strong and any plants will greatly benefit from this bright light. To reach this milestone of lumen output each hour the fixture chews up 325 watts of electricity which is only one watt more than other pricier 4 feet 6 tube T5 grow lights do, so with this fixture you really get great light for less money.

Moreover, the fixture also have hammertone reflectors that will direct all of the light to the plants and won’t let any light go to waste, the Alum housing is much lighter than steel housing so the light will be easier to hang up or move, there is additional outlet built on the fixture, so that you can easily power even up to 5 lights from only one wall outlet if you decide to expand your grow light setup, the light can be used with timers and it also has a dimming switch that lets you adjust the brightness of the light.

Thanks to the Alum body of the light it weighs only 12 pounds (5.4kg) and in terms of sizing this fixture is 47.5 inches long, 12.5 inches wide and 4 inches high (120.65cm x 31.75cm x 10.16cm).

And even customer reviews of this light are only the best, because this fixture is rated with 5 out if 5 stars and has reviews like “Grade A product”.


Apollo Horticulture T5 Commercial Fixture

The next cheapest fixture is this Apollo one that costs about 30 dollars more than the DuroLux one does. This is because it already has solid housing while still ranking up similar power statistics, other characteristics and great customer reviews.

apolloThe total wattage of this fixture is 324 watts that is quite normal for this type of light giving that each 4 feet long bulb chews up 54 watts of electricity and if there are 6 bulbs in the fixture that will rank up to 324 watts. This means that this light is very cost efficient, at the same time giving out great and bright light with very low lumen depreciation – only about 9 percent of total lumen count will depreciate during this fixtures lifespan.

Speaking of life spans it is rated that this light will last well over 20,000 hours of operational time, which means that there won’t be a necessity for replacement bulbs for a long time.  Additionally, the ballast that is used in the assembly of this light is very efficient and long lasting, which means that that fixture won’t lose its efficiency for a long time, the fixture is made so that the bulbs don’t get very hot which means you can place the fixture even only 7 inches (17.7cm) above you plants and the bulbs that come with the fixture have color temperature of 6,400 Kelvins that makes it ideal for vegetating plants.

The dimensions for this fixture are 48 inches to 19 inches to only 2 inches in height (121.92cm x 48.26cm x 5.08cm) and it weighs about 22 pounds (9.9kg).

And almost all owners of this fixture are very satisfied with what it has to offer, saying in their reviews that “this T5 unit from Apollo is awesome”, “brighter then several of my other T5 fixtures” and “solid lighting at a decent price”.


Virtual Sun Fluorescent Grow Light Kit

A light that offers quite big variety and options to choose from is this Virtual Sun grow light, because it can be purchased with two different bulbs to oblige to bigger clientele and wider variety of needs.

This grow light has the standard 324 watt electricity consumption and 30,000 lumens worth of bright light so the lumen to watt ratio for this fixture is 92.59 lumens per each watt. In other words, this fixture is very efficient and will let you save money on your electricity bill while letting your plants grow under intense and beneficial light.

In my opinion the best feature of this fixture is the fact that you can chose between 6,505 Kelvin or 2,700 Kelvin T5 bulbs to come with the fixture that provides variety and you can purchase the light that you need. The 6,505 Kelvin bulbs will be great for plants that still are growing or just started to sprout, but the 2,700 Kelvin bulbs will fast track your plants flowering process so you get to their yield faster.

Additionally the light also has ballasts already built in the fixture to regulate the volt flow and therefore the operation of the light, the hanging kit that comes with the light will let you mount the lights to your ceiling or walls easily and the bulbs spacing in this fixture is specially adjusted so the light coming from the tubes cover the largest area possible.

Fixture weight 18 pounds (8.16kg) and in size it is 46.85 inches long, 18.50 inches wide and 2.36 inches high (118.99cm x 46.99cm x 5.99cm).

The people who already own this light too have some great things to say about this fixture, because there are comments like “Most bang for your buck”, “Very easy to set up, and a good price” and “If you’re looking for quality products at a fair price, look no further”.


EnviroGro FLT46 Fixture

The next fixture EnviroGro FLT46 is only a little bit pricier than previous ones but have great features and characteristics that will leave you impressed with this fixture and its manufacturer.

enviroThe initial lumen output for this fixture are 30,000 lumens but for this amount of lumens your fixture will chew up the regular 324 watts of power making it a standard fixture in terms of its power and energy consumption.

The stand out feature of this light probably is its high build quality, because the fixture has things like high grade white powder coated steel housing, German secular aluminum reflectors and energy-efficient bulbs that will surely output the perfect light for plants to grow and be healthy.

And as a bonus this fixture comes also with things like easy mount kit that allows you to either hang the fixture overhead, horizontally or vertically, as well as a dual on and off switch that will come in handy if you want to either power only half of all the bulbs or rig the fixture with two different kinds of bulbs and then use it as light setup that is suitable to plants during all of their growth cycle.

The dimensions for this light are 49.5 inches to 27.5 inches to 6.5 inches (125.73cm x 69.85cm x 16.51cm) and the weight of it is 22.2 pounds (10kg).

Based on customer reviews, this light might as well be the most popular this type of grow light, because there are more than 500 reviews alone on Amazon.com. And the reviews themselves say only good things about the fixture, because mostly you can read phrases like “Its certainly worth the money”, “the build quality of this product is top notch” and “Used it for over a year now. Have not had one problem with it”.


Sun Blaze 960302 T5 Fixture

The heaviest of all fixtures mentioned in this list which actually isn’t that bad of a thing is this Sun Blaze grow light, because that only means that it is sturdy, reliable and durable for any kind of weather conditions.

The regular 324 watt and 30,000 lumen power options apply to this fixture as well, because it has the same bulbs and is of the same size, as all of the previous fixtures with those same specifics, but the great thing about this fixture is the fact that it has louvers and slots installed into the housing of the light, that offer the fixture additional way of dispersing the built up heat, so your fixture and its bulbs will keep cool and won’t heat up you growing space.

Even more so, this fixture is a great grow light because it has a daisy chain option for anyone who wants to expand their garden or grow operation, advanced reflectors that will direct all of the emitted light back to the plants, long 12 foot power cord which ensures that you can really manipulate with this fixture and place it even further from electricity outlet, eco friendly packaging for all those who care about the environment and also of coarse bulbs with color temperature of 6,500 Kelvins to really advance you plant growing.

This fixture is 50 inches long, 19 inches wide and 4 inches high (127cm x 48.26cm x 10.16cm), and it weights in total of about 24.2 pounds (10.97kg).

And the reviews of this fixture speak volumes about the efficiency and overall quality of this fixture, because all the reviews are along the lines of “I’ve been using mine about 3 yrs now, (24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year) with no problems”, “I am extremely pleased with my new sun lamp” and “Highly recommend it!!!”.


Hydrofarm FLP46 T5 Designer Fixture

And lastly the most expensive among all these T5 fixtures is this Hydrofarm Designer fixture because it is made out of the highest end materials and have the target audience of plant growers who can afford a bit more expensive grow fixtures for their grow operations.

hydroBesides the regular wattage and lumen output that is basically the same as many of the other T5 4 feet 6 bulb fixtures – 324 watts of electricity consumed per hour and 30,000 lumens output in return for those watts – there are other features that are in some ways similar to all other fixtures and in others – a bit different.

For example instead of regular white powder coated steel housing this fixture has brown and texturized aluminum housing that not only give certain class and sophistication to the fixture, but also differs it from other fixtures.

Also there are features such as secular aluminum reflectors that won’t let any of the light that shines from the 6,400 Kelvin color temperature bulbs go to waste, an electronic ballast that will regulate the volt flow to the bulbs and keep it steady minimizing the chance of any fixture malfunctions, and of course the daisy chain option for anyone who might want to expand their garden in the future and do it quickly and efficiently.

The size of this fixture is 46.2 inches in length, 18.5 inches in width and 2.4 inches in height (117.34cm x 46.99cm x 6cm).

And if you are not sure if it is worth to spend that much money on this fixture, you can always turn to those who already have done it and are pleased with their purchase saying things like “product works really well”, “it is very pleasing to the eye” and “I am loving this new model”.