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T5fixtures is a website that provides reviews and other useful information about T5 grow lights and we, the editors of T5fixtures, are working to create the best content, so you can become expert in grow lights too.

Most of us that work on T5fixtures have experienced the moment when it gets cold outside and we have to stop our gardening hobbies to wait for the warm weather again. So we started to search for options how we could continue gardening even in the dead of the winter when its cold outside, because we didn’t want to stop growing plants for months only to start over again in the spring.

Luckily we discovered T5 grow lights that enabled us to continue growing plants and gardening during the winter too. T5 grow lights provide the plants with the necessary light for them to grow and since these grow lights lets us continue our hobby of growing different kinds of plants all year around we decided that we want to inform others too about T5 grow light benefits, trends and which are the best grow lights to use.

How can artificial T5 grow light replace sunlight you ask?

T5 grow light are lights that come in many different color temperature variations and in many different light efficiencies, meaning that with these lights you can easily replicate different sunlight conditions from light that shines during the day to light that can be seen during sunset hours to mimic different times of day and to trick your plants into thinking that they are growing outdoors during a specific season. But because you are the one who determines these light colors and light cycles you can mold the plants for them to grow according to your schedule and on your conditions.

They say that the glory of gardening is the process of having your hands in the dirt and breathing in fresh air, but I say that

The glory of gardening is seeing you plants grow and being a part of their growth process in more ways than just watering them.

And thanks to T5 grow lights that is possible now by controlling the light that the plants use to grow.

For tips on growing plants and using T5 grow lights visit the Growers Guide section, in Reviews section you will find extensive reviews of the top grow lights, Best section is dedicated to lists of only the best T5 grow lights in certain categories but Manufacturers section will make sure that you know the brands that are behind the grow lights that we are recommending you.

“Let the gardening continue and the plants to grow whatever the season outside your window.”


Ben  Thorton, Owner of T5fixtures.com