What are hoop greenhouses?

A hoop greenhouse is a set of bows or hoops, put together and securely covered with a large heavy piece of greenhouse plastic. The plastic is made tight at the base with pieces of metal, wire or wood in order to keep it in place. The hoops are usually made of wood, metal or plastic, depending on which suits the situation best. A hoop greenhouse is an economical and safe way to have your own garden and produce your own types of vegetables or fruits all year, without having to worry about the weather or pests.

There are a variety of hoop greenhouses that you can get from shops so let us look at some of the things which make for a great hoop greenhouse and whether you should settle for one or not.

How does a hoop greenhouse work?

The plastic which is used to cover the top is easy to heat up during the day so that the plants within can have adequate sunlight and at night, it is easy to cool to avoid overheating. Without having to spend so much money to build a more permanent greenhouse, this one is good enough to offer the same services as any other. Even during winter, you could use a cover for the inner roof to protect the plants from the extra cold and that way, you could get up to six weeks more of planting time than you would get ordinarily.

Root crops like beets, onions, and potatoes may not do well in a hoop greenhouse during winter because of the significantly reduced temperature and light but they are not completely ruled out. But greens like spinach, broccoli, and lettuce would thrive even in such weather because they are cold-weather crops. See, you do not have to worry that the nearby fruit market would run out of fresh greens in the winter; you could have your very own supply in your backyard.

If the supply of sunlight is not enough for plants during summer, you could move the plastic top of the hoop greenhouse and cover just half of it. That way, the plants get the much-needed direct sunlight.

However, remember that the plastic cover works well to admit enough heat for your plants even if covered completely, as long as the sun rays are hot enough.

Types of designs for hoop greenhouses

Most hoop greenhouses come in the same design. The top is usually curved due to the metal, plastic or wooden hoops joined to make a funnel-like shape. Then, a heavy greenhouse plastic cover, malleable, is set across the hoops and drawn taut to secure it. The simple ones can be moved when necessary because, usually, they are not built to remain standing in one place for a long time. If you have to move to another place, you could just disassemble it and pack it up. It goes with you wherever you wish.

There are simple hoop greenhouses and commercial ones. The commercial ones may require professional help to erect and may not be so easy to move as the simple ones. Some of the commercial ones are even made permanent, with solid pipes made from PVC, complete with heat-producing systems and air vents. The simple ones can be set up easily but may take fewer plants at the same time when compared to the commercial ones.

What to consider before buying a hoop greenhouse

Do not be in a hurry to pick out a hoop greenhouse to buy. You have to determine what you really need it for before choosing and know if you are in it for the short term or for the long term. For example, you could buy a small, simple hoop greenhouse and start off with just the needs of you and your family but along the line, you could decide to expand your production. Now, there is nothing wrong with just replacing the old with the new but how about considering long-term plans before even buying at all? It would save you time and money.

You also need to be absolutely sure of the types of crops you desire to plant before deciding to buy a hoop greenhouse. As has been mentioned before, not all crops do well in a hoop greenhouse because of weather. Given, it is a great way to have your supply of crops all year round but some crops do better than others. What do you need? How much of them do you need? Greens could do well in winter, without extra measures but root crops may need some extra efforts before they may begin to grow.

The size of the hoop greenhouse of your choice matters also. Apart from the fact that it has to go with the number of crops you want to plant, it also matters how much space you have in your backyard for it. Using the patch where your garden would be may not be enough, although admittedly, there are small hoop greenhouses.

Why should people use hoop greenhouses?

Well, if you are reading this buying guide up to this point, it is safe to assume that you are interested in buying one and the reason is that you need one. But why is it a good choice over just building the more conventional glass greenhouse and be done with it? For one, a hoop greenhouse is more economical. It would cost you less to erect one and maintain it than building a conventional one. A hoop greenhouse could cost as little as $100, and you would get all the benefits you need from it.

Again, you have a chance to control how the weather affects your crops. In the open field, rain, sun, hailstones and all whatnots can positively or negatively affect the crops but within a hoop greenhouse, you control humidity, ventilation, and temperature. This is all natural, which cannot be said for all greenhouses. You do not need to build an artificial ventilation system for it. Whatever natural nutrients the crops get are direct from the outside; the makeup of the building materials allows for this to happen.

And depending on the type of a hoop greenhouse you choose, simple or commercial, you can move it when you want to. Not only can you move it from one part of your yard to another if you wish to, you can also move it from one house to another. There is no restriction in movement with this type of greenhouse, provided it is the simple one.
It is a good way to have a fresh and steady supply of vegetables and fruits. You could even share with your neighbors. It does not matter whether the grocery store is out of its supply of greens, you are covered, especially when you have a hoop greenhouse.

Paying close attention to the guidelines listed out in this buying guide would reduce the task of choosing the best hoop greenhouse for your peculiar needs. You could even add your own must-haves as you go. But let us look at some best hoop greenhouses/hoop houses for sale from some of the best brands currently in the market…


1. Tierra Garden Haxnicks Poly Tunnel


  • Manufacturer: Tierra Garden
  • Materials: UV-stabilised, heavy-duty polyethylene; galvanized steel hoops
  • Dimension: 118″L x 24″W x 18″H
  • Other features: Available in smaller sizes and material; retains warmth and humidity


Presently run by a team of specialists in gardening, Tierra Garden was set up about 20 years ago by Charles Stenftenagel, a gardening enthusiast who sought ways to make his love for gardening easier and more productive, in the way of tools, accessories, and products. From the personal quest for these things, a company was birthed and has remained a front player in the production and supply of unique, quality, durable and innovative gardening products and tools which were rare to find in big, hardware stores.

It is not a surprise that the company continues to be trusted by many garden enthusiasts for the supply of garden hardware tools and products as well as other products like shopping carts, stone statuaries and even poly tunnels like the Tierra Garden 50-5000 Haxnicks Easy Poly Tunnel Garden Cloche.

This polytunnel or hoop house creates a solid barrier and protection for your crops from pests, foraging animals and even the weather when it is not favorable. Unlike people who use the conventional way of planting, which is out in the open, when you use this hoop house as a greenhouse, your crops are cocooned and stay growing without any worries. In there, you can control what comes in and goes out.

At the same time, it manages to retain warmth and humidity adequate enough for your crops to thrive. You may think that the covering plastic would impede the steady supply of sunlight and air but it actually traps enough to keep your crops healthy and supply enough humidity so as not to leave them dry. With the heat warming the soil enough, you can even begin your own planting way before everybody else. That is one huge advantage of this greenhouse; you do not have to wait for the planting season. You control your own planting.

If the foregoing is not reason enough to buy this hoop house, the hoops are made with galvanized steel. So you do not need to worry about them rusting and adversely affecting your crops. You do not even need to bother about having to look for new hoops because of age or damage from rust. And the plastic is safe for both you and your crops. And if the building material or size of this particular polytunnel does not suit your needs, you have the option of other ones made with different types of materials.

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  • Creates adequate protection for your crops from harsh weather
  • Provides enough warmth and humidity to keep crops thriving
  • Made from galvanized steel, to avoid rusting, and heavy-duty polyethylene plastic
  • Comes in different sizes and manufactured materials
  • Easy to assemble


  • According to some users, watering the crops may be a bit of a chore because the fleece tunnel does not work properly
  • Too short for easy access


2. Snap Clamp PVC Pipe


  • Manufacturer: Circo
  • Color: White
  • Other features: Works well with PVC pipes, uses clamps


Circo has established itself as a dependable company when it comes to hardware garden tools and other home accessories. For over 32 years, Circo has remained fluid in the gardening industry by researching and creating state-of-the-art and unique products which not only serve consumers well but also add beauty to surroundings. It appreciates that your satisfaction is paramount and that you deserve nothing less than the best.

Beyond production, Circo also offers professional advice; from how to successfully maintain your gardens to how to use some of its products, wherever you may be in the world. It understands that some have their purchases shipped so its customer care lines are always open to sort out such issues. So, whatever you need in this area is, even if it is how to use its much talked about Snap Clamp poly tunnel with PVC Pipe, you are covered.

Snap Clamp 1/2 Inch X 4 Inches Wide for 1/2 PVC Pipe is secured with clamps. Some users of other hoop greenhouses have complained of the plastic covers flapping noisily and dangerously when the wind gets too high. That is not an issue with this hoop house. Apart from the fact that it is pulled tightly downwards to secure it, the tarp is also held down with clamps. These clamps are not in any danger of snapping open at any point and more importantly, they do not develop rust because they are made of PVC.

The plastic tarp is solid enough to protect crops from too much heat and heavy rains but allows enough air and heat to pass through for the crops to grow well. And pests have no free access to your crops inside the protection of this polytunnel.

Any type of compatible material can be used as hoops with this hoop greenhouse, including PVC. No matter what type of hoops they are, the plastic can hold up under them and would not easily give in to rust. If anything, it sort of prevents the hoops from developing rust, if they are metal, and preserves the wood so that you can keep using the hoop house for a number of years. The plastic cover also gives stability to whatever type of hoops you decide to use; it gives no room for collapse, holding them firmly in place with the clamps.

Apart from using it as a greenhouse, this unique hoop house can also be used as a makeshift storage space. The tarp is great protection for metals and even wood. So even if you are not putting it to use as a greenhouse, you could put other things underneath to preserve them from harsh weather.

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    • Uses clamps to secure the plastic cover to the hoops or rods
    • Allows adequate air and heat to seep through
    • It’s inexpensive
  • Does not rust


  • For some users, the clamps are hard to unpin


3. RowTunnel Grow Tunnel Mini Hoophouse Kit


  • Manufacturer: RowTunnel
  • Dimension: 31” x63”, 23”x31”
  • Other features: Designed for covering plants, protects from frost and gives a conducive environment for young plants to grow and for crops to germinate quickly.


With more than 16 years to its name in the production of garden hoops, RowTunnel can boast of top quality steel, fiberglass and plastic hoops which can withstand the test of time without giving in. It manufactures hoops or bows for garden houses or hoop greenhouses (which are strong, smooth and lightweight). These features make its hoops like gold for those who need them because they are not heavy and they last longer.

It does not just thrust the creation and production to just anyone; every detail and plan is dear to RowTunnel so it is always involved in every tiny process; pouring experience, passion, brilliance and expertise into each production. It goes beyond quality hoops and passion in its production; you matter to them. So it makes sure that you get the best of everything, just as you see with 4X20Ft Grow Tunnel, Mini Greenhouse, Hoophouse Kit.

This hoop house is long and sturdy for the proper covering of crops. The plastic cover holds steady and cannot be easily perforated by any animal, rodent or insect. The plastic does not shift even if the wind is heavy and strong but it is not too thick as to prevent the right amount of sunlight and air to come through for the crops to thrive well. You have the chance to control the weather that has access to your plants, unlike those who plant in the open air and have to leave the chances of their crops surviving up to fate.

The hoops are made of strong material and are 8 feet long. This means that they are large and have enough space so as not to choke the crops by being too close to them. They give room for the crops to blossom. This feature is also good for use in a nursery, with seedlings and young plants. Space and air would encourage them to germinate rapidly without the threat of being prematurely uprooted by animals.
In addition to that, the length of the plastic cover and the sizes of the hoops give room for the coverage of more raised rows than other hoop houses. The hoop house kits are designed to make adequate allowance for the accommodation of a larger expanse of farmland than most other simple hoop houses: the plastic cover is long and broad, the hoops are as wide as 8 feet and there are up to 9 pieces of them in one pack. It is now up to you to use all of them at once or not.

→CLICK HERE for Pricing and more Specs of RowTunnel Grow Tunnel Mini Hoophouse Kit


  • Sturdy and long plastic cover
  • Offers protection for crops from the harsh elements, animals, and insects
  • Provides the right amount of air and heat for the soil and crops
  • Covers a lot more farm space
  • More crawl space for watering because it is a high tunnel greenhouse


  • Comes with no instruction for holding the tarp down


4. Quictent Garden Mini Portable Hot House


  • Manufacturer: Quictent
  • Materials: Coated steel, polyethylene
  • Color: Transparent
  • Dimension: 71″x36″x36″
  • Weight: 9lb
  • Other features: Easy to assemble; provides protection from excess cold and heat; zippered transparent PVC cover.


Quictent is a trusted importer and distributor of much-needed outdoor equipment. Apart from distributing, it also sells directly in order to give its many satisfied customers lower prices while they still have the same level of satisfaction or even more. There is nothing that sets a company apart from others like being reliable, having products that do what they say and last long. Nobody wants to spend money on something twice or more when it can be avoided. Quictent aims to eliminate this.

So whatever your need is, from garden sheds to portable greenhouses (like the Quictent Garden Green House, Mini Portable Hot House) be sure that you would get what you want from Quictent, with its own core technology, and with a fantastic quality, too. It is not media hype; the company has staked its name to the durability of its products.

The Quictent Garden Green House, Mini Portable Hot House is large enough to accommodate a small garden without all the hassles of a conventional greenhouse. The plastic cover is PVC and has zips. PVC offers durability and quality so the plastic cover would not be easily rent. The zips make it easy to water, trim and access the crops. And the transparent PVC cover makes everything within the greenhouse visible to you, without you having to keep opening the cover. If some crop is not doing well, for some reason, you can see it from the outside. This has to be some sort of relief, right?

It also provides protection from ultraviolet rays and unnecessary frost and water yet allow for sun rays and humidity which the crops need to grow properly. The soil absorbs a proper amount of both moisture and warmth while the crops soak up the light they need to keep blossoming. All these things happen in a controlled environment, no hassles. Is that not amazing?

Not only does the cover open easily but the hoop house is large enough for you to enter, even though you may not be able to stand erect. This distinguishes this hoop house from so many others. And the size offers accommodation for larger plants and proper ventilation. It is a high tunnel greenhouse and this is great because it gives more breathing space for plants.

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  • Large enough to accommodate a good-sized garden or large plants yet remains portable
  • The plastic cover is PVC and is transparent, with zips
  • Protection from UV rays, frost, and too much water
  • Offers room enough for you to walk into – even if you can’t stand upright
  • Admits the right amount of sunlight and humidity
  • Hoops are made with coated steel


  • It is too light, weight-wise


5. Weatherguard Walk In Arched Top Garden Greenhouse


  • Manufacturer: Jewett-Cameron Lumber Corp
  • Materials: Mold-resistant fabric, Steel
  • Color: Transparent
  • Dimension: 144 x 72 x 78 inches
  • Weight: 102 lbs.
  • Other features: Walk-in design


Jewett-Cameron Lumber Corp is a big-shot manufacturing company that creates products in seven industries and has a presence in 3 different continents. A company this big can always be trusted to deliver every product it offers. With many years of experience and dedication to innovation, this company consistently churns out products that will not only serve their purpose but stand the test of time.

Its Weatherguard Walk In Arched Top Garden is a hoop house greenhouse every gardening enthusiast would love to have. This tunnel greenhouse will allow you to plant, whatever the season. It is an ideal way to culture those plants that are too delicate to cultivate in the open from the start. With this greenhouse, you can grow your herbs and flowers during winter without any issues.

This easy greenhouse has a sturdy galvanized steel frame that is designed to be quick and easy to put together. The construction will withstand most weather conditions and is even strong enough to support hanging plants. The ability to use hanging plants within this hoop house gives you more space to work and use for storage.

The steel frame also features a triple ridge pole roof system which is what allows the structure to withstand even the heaviest hanging plant. Its flex frame design with 16-gauge steel gives the structure its stability while the 14-gauge ones used at the joint and the galvanized based bolts that link it all up to the foundation keeps it strong to resist the wind.

The commercial grade steel frame is covered in translucent mold-resistant fabric. It is also UV -protected so it lasts long even under the changing weather. The fabric is designed as a single piece and is meant to slip over the frame and completely enclose it.

If you are thinking of how the temperature is controlled in this greenhouse. It is the roll-up windows that allow cross-ventilation that exposes the plants to the gentle breeze they need. These windows are also screened to keep out those pests that seek to damage your dear plants.

This greenhouse is a fortress of protection for your plants, yet it is a haven for them to also thrive.

Even if you don’t want to use this greenhouse for planting, you can use it for a mini poultry or something similar. This structure is that sturdy.

→CLICK HERE for Pricing and more Specs of Weatherguard Walk In Arched Top Garden Greenhouse


  • It has a sturdy construction
  • The greenhouse cover is UV-protected and mold resistant
  • It allows you to grow plants even during winter
  • It is easy to set up
  • It is durable


  • If you live in a high-wind region, you might need to bolt it into concrete


6. DELTA Canopies Heavy Duty Walk-in Greenhouse


  • Manufacturer: Delta Canopies
  • Materials: Polyethylene and Galvanized Steel
  • Color: Transparent green
  • Dimension: 240 x 120 x 90 inches
  • Weight: 125 lbs.
  • Other features: Designed with sturdy galvanized steel


Delta Canopies is a huge canopy maker in the US that makes canopies for several different purposes. It has been at it for years and certainly knows its onions. It makes its canopies with top quality materials so they are not only sturdy, they are also durable. It also pays attention to its customers which is why it consistently manufactures products that make them come back for more. And you know the best part? It offers those products at affordable prices.

You can be a seasoned professional gardener with the Delta Canopies Heavy Duty Walk-in Greenhouse or at least feel like one. This round-top greenhouse is built for superior strength to withstand the rigors of changing the weather and not give in. Here is your chance to plant all year round with this arch-top greenhouse.

You can grow starter seeds and new plant shoots right in your backyard when you want and how you want. The result will still be the same only that you have an edge to start planting even before the planting season. That gives your plants a lot more time to germinate and blossom into big healthy harvests.

This structure is easy to put together. And when it is done, it is sturdy enough to serve you diligently for a long time to come. All thanks to the heavy-duty galvanized steel that is put together to form the frame of this greenhouse. The steel is rust resistant so you don’t need to worry about rain and other weather conditions.

This structure is all covered up with transparent polyethylene which is fortified with a mesh underlining. It is water resistant and will also block UVA and UVB rays from getting to your plant. These rays can stunt plant growth or do even more damage. There are screen vents on either side of the greenhouse which provide cross-ventilation that the plants really need to survive. They also regulate temperature so it is not too hot or too cold. You might have to open or close the windows depending on how you want the temperature controlled.

You can enter the greenhouse from either end of the structure through the zippered doors. This greenhouse is designed to be easy to put together and used by both experienced and new growers.

→CLICK HERE for Pricing and more Specs of DELTA Canopies Heavy Duty Walk-in Greenhouse


  • It has a sturdy steel structure
  • It has a UVA resistant cover
  • It has screened vents for temperature regulation
  • The package comes with everything needed to put it up
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • You will have to pay attention to removing excess rain or snow from the cover to avoid damage


7. Quictent Heavy Duty Portable Greenhouse


  • Manufacturer: Quictent
  • Materials: Polyethylene and Rust-proof Steel
  • Color: Green
  • Dimension: 58 x 15 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 59 lbs.
  • Other features: UV-protected cover


Quictent started with the 21st century, and in those years, it has put up (for its growing customers) superior quality tents, canopies, portable greenhouses/ greenhouse hoops for sale, to mention a few. It has also been consistently reaching its aim as its customers have been raving about the innovative designs and the level of quality of its products. Wouldn’t this be a brand you will want to trust?

The Quictent 2 Doors Heavy Duty Portable Greenhouse is just as its name implies. It is made of heavy-duty materials and comes in a portable size. This small hoop house uses heavy-duty 25mm galvanized steel as its frame. The steel rods are heavily powder-coated which makes them rust-resistant. With this kind of structure, you can rest assured of the sturdiness of your greenhouse. It will hold firm in all weathers and will stay upright for a long time to come.

One of the advantages of cultivating plants in the open is the abundance of ventilation. The makers of this greenhouse realize that which is why they have created ample airways in this greenhouse design. It has two metal zippered doors in the front and another at the back. These two doors on their own create sufficient ventilation in the greenhouse.

It also has 12 roll-up windows with screens on both sides of it. These, coupled with the 2 doors will create the kind of ventilation your plants will get if they were planted in the open.

The cover for the steel structure is also heavy-duty. The polyethylene material offers a great solar performance in the sense that it protects the plants underneath from UV rays. It is also waterproof which will prevent an unneeded torrent of rain from drowning the fragile plants.

You might be wondering how complicated it will be setting up such a fortified greenhouse. Luckily, Quictent made it super easy to put this greenhouse together. It comes with all the hoop greenhouse kits you will need to set it up, including 10 bases and 20 stakes that you need to fix the base into the ground. The cover is clear green and fortified with double-layer mesh lining. We all know how important light is for plant growth. This greenhouse also lets in plenty of light.

→CLICK HERE for Pricing and more Specs of Quictent Heavy Duty Portable Greenhouse


  • It has a fortified cover that is also waterproof
  • It comes with all you need to set it up
  • It is easy to put together
  • It has a sturdy rust-resistant steel frame
  • It has 12 screened windows for ample ventilation


  • Some users have complained about it not surviving a heavy storm


8. Best Choice Products Walk-In Tunnel Green House


  • Manufacturer: Best Choice Products
  • Materials: Polyethylene and Steel
  • Color: Clear Green
  • Dimension: 180x84x84 inches
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Other features: PE mesh cover


Best Choice Products is one of those companies that does not have any other choice than to make top quality materials because it is located in the United States. Asides that, this is a brand that has always exhibited the urge to do more as it offers a wide range of practical products. It has a focus on household items and accessories which represents its thirst for high quality and superior performance. And the best of all is that it still manages to offer them at competitive prices.

The Best Choice Products Walk-In Tunnel Green House allows you to get a head start of the planting season. While others wait for the weather to change, you have already sown your seeds because you have this greenhouse around your house. There is a therapeutic effect gardening has that true gardeners do not want to let go of even when the weather is not right.

Almost every serious gardener has a greenhouse in their backyard so they can continue to grow their veggies and herbs all year round. This hoop house greenhouse is an ideal enclosure to practice a sort of indoor farming. You can choose to plant in pots or directly into the ground under this covering.

This PVC hoop house has a silver powder-coated steel structure, making it rust resistant, which gives the greenhouse its shape and balance. This garden hoop house comes with guy ropes that firmly connect it to the ground for maximum stability. The steel frame is well engineered for structural integrity which helps it weather the windy days and the rainy nights while protecting the plants within.

The structure is covered from top to bottom with heavy-duty threaded PE which is weather resistant. The double strength cover will withstand snow, rain, and wind sparing your precious plants from the rigors of heavy weather. The cover provides a sense of security once you enter the greenhouse leaving behind the complexity of the external weather conditions.

This tunnel greenhouse has a lot of space to accommodate several rows of plants and is even sturdy enough to let you indulge yourself with some hanging plants. It has 8 roll-up windows on both sides and a wide door in front.

Another good thing about this polytunnel greenhouse is that it is so easy to assemble. It does not have any complicated approach to it. It is only a matter of reading the assembly instructions and following the directions to set it up and gain your unfair advantage over other gardeners without a greenhouse like this one.

→CLICK HERE for Pricing and more Specs of Best Choice Products Walk-In Tunnel Green House


  • It has a sturdy, high-quality steel frame
  • It has a heavy-duty meshed covering
  • The greenhouse is quite spacious
  • It has plenty airways for ventilation
  • The cover is weatherproof


  • It can get quite warm in the greenhouse pretty quick. So, you need to pay some attention to the temperature to open the windows


9. Strong Camel New Hot Greenhouse


  • Manufacturer: Strong Camel
  • Materials: Polyethylene and Steel
  • Color: Clear Green
  • Dimension: 144x84x84 inches
  • Weight: 26.9 lbs.
  • Other features: Wide entrance


Strong Camel, as you can probably tell from its name, is a manufacturer of strong durable canopies and other similar products. Whatever product carries this brand name, you can rest assured of its quality. The strength and durability of its product are what Strong Camel prides itself on. And this is also a reason its numerous customers patronize it and keep coming back.

The Strong Camel New Hot Greenhouse is an able representation of what the brand stands for. The strength of this greenhouse comes from its steel tubes which are powder-coated for extra strength and rust resistance. The steel structure creates ample space under it with its 12-foot length and 7-foot width. This allows you plant herbs and veggies, whether in a pot or directly in the ground.

The steel frame is engineered to be stable and remain sturdy even if it’s a bit windy. That way, your plants are well protected from the weather. With this able greenhouse, it is planting season all year long for you. That way you can eat all the fresh veggies you can plant and stay healthy. Though the steel is powder-coated, it is a good idea to further coat it with a rust-resistant agent. This way you would have significantly increased its lifespan and prevent it from rusting for a long time.

The frame is fully covered by a fortified PE fabric which will withstand harsh weathers and still protect your plants from harm. The greenhouse cover creates the humidity level required for herbs, tropical plants, and veggies to grow effectively.

In a case where you need some ventilation in the greenhouse, you can open the six windows on both sides of the contraption to let in air. The giant zippered door in the front also creates a large opening that also lets in air. These openings also let in the light your plants need to thrive.

This greenhouse is ideal for a backyard garden and it is easy to set up and collapse if you want to move it somewhere else. Everything you need to set up this outdoor greenhouse is already included in the package. So, you really don’t need to buy anything else. Just get it to space you need to erect it and follow the instructions. In no time, it is up and ready to use.

→CLICK HERE for Pricing and more Specs of Strong Camel New Hot Greenhouse


  • It has a sturdy structure that withstands the weather
  • The covering provides the type of humidity plants need to thrive
  • It has sufficient openings for ventilation and light
  • It is easy to assemble and collapse


  • If you live in a high wind area, you might want to erect this such that it does not get directly hit by the wind


10. Outsunny Portable Backyard Flower Garden Greenhouse


  • Manufacturer: Outsunny
  • Materials: PVC/Steel frame
  • Color: Green
  • Dimension: 7 x 3 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Other features: Zipper door


Outsunny is known for creating innovative, eco-friendly products that meet and exceed customer expectations. Above manufacturing exceptional products, it is highly committed to building a lasting relationship with its customers that fosters a level of trust and respect that ensures continued patronage. Outsunny listens to its customers, gets feedback and implements them in creating newer and better versions of its products such that they meet its customers’ specific needs.

The Outsunny Portable Greenhouse comes with zipper doors and this allows you easy access to your garden. Some greenhouses are made in the form of a box and users usually find it inconvenient going in and out of the box. This is not the case with this greenhouse. You only lift the cover and walk in and tend to your little baby crops. With a dimension of 7 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2.6 feet high, you have enough room to tend to the crops without any obstructions.

Because the greenhouse comes in pipe fittings, you can set up only half of it if you have a smaller expanse of land and wouldn’t want to take up more space. This means that when you purchase this greenhouse, you are purchasing a greenhouse that you can adjust to any desired size and dimension that fits your space.

It is made of PVC covering which is moisture resistant and provides cover for the plants from harsh conditions. This also holds moisture in during dry or extremely cold weathers. Just put down the covers and you have sufficient moisture trapped to keep your plants growing. It also allows for good ventilation for your plants. The powder-coated frame is rust-resistant and can stand extreme weather conditions.

Okay, here’s another piece of good news. You don’t need to read a manual or look for a handyman to set this up. You can set up the full greenhouse in just about 1 hour. But if you live in a windy area or you are using it during windy weather conditions, you may need to support it with some heavy items. The greenhouse was made to be lightweight so that it can be moved from one place to the other. If it was heavier, mobility would become an issue.

And yes, it is also pocket-friendly. You get to protect your plants from harsh weather conditions without breaking the bank or putting a strain on your pocket.

→CLICK HERE for Pricing and more Specs of Outsunny Portable Backyard Flower Garden Greenhouse


  • It comes with zipper doors to allow for easy entrance
  • It is easy to set up
  • It has enough room to move around inside it
  • It is easily adjustable
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around
  • It can trap moisture for dry weather conditions
  • The steel structure is rust-resistant


  • It needs heavy support in windy conditions



Great! You have come to the end of the list. We hope you now have all you need to make a confident choice among the hoop houses for sale from trusted brands that we have presented to you.