The winter is here which means that many gardeners and gardening hobbyist have put down their gardening gloves and are waiting for the spring to come so that they can start gardening again. But just because the weather is getting cold doesn’t mean that you need to quit gardening, because nowadays there are many great T5 grow lights that let you continue to garden indoors even when the weather outside is not the best. And since 2015 is coming to an end and soon it will be a brand new year I thought what better time to compile a list of five of the very best T5 grow lights for 2016.

Image / Model Bulb count Lenght Wattage Brightness Color temp. Our rating

4 ft

216 W 6400K


4 ft

432 W 6400K


2 ft

96 W 6500K


4 ft

432 W 6500K


4 ft

216 W 6500K



EnviroGro FLT44 T5 Fixture

This T5 fixture is 4 feet long fixture with 4 bulb setup that can output up to 18,800 lumens while burning up only 216 watts per hour. EnviroGro FLT44But that is not the only advantage of this T5 light which is made by a company called Hydrofarm – one of the leading T5 light manufacturers on the market. This fixture has a reflector that is made out of German specular aluminum to ensure that all emitted light goes to the plants, option to hang up the light in more than one way to ensure that it can be tailored to your indoors garden and the fixture comes with 6,400 Kelvin High Output T5 bulbs that will ensure the brightest light and the lowest energy consumption.
The design of this grow light is simple with white housing and metal hanging wires making sure that this fixture fits in most indoor environments and its dimensions are 48.5 by 15.5 by 4.2 inches making it compact enough while still covering large enough area to fit multiple plants or seedling trays under it.

iPower GLT5XX4X8 T5 Fixture

If you are searching for a bit bigger but still very powerful grow light then you might want check out this iPower 4 feet 8 bulb fixture. The company that is manufacturing it is a grow light system and supply manufacturer that ships their products all over the world. This particular light from them consumes only 432 watts for which it gives out light that is strong, bright and can be rated with up to 40,000 lumens. Additionally with this light you will get a dual on/off switch to have bigger variation in usage of the light, multiple hanging configurations for your to hang it up just the way you like and a powder coated steel housing that will not only protect the bulbs and all other light components from any damage but will also prolong the life of the fixture itself.
Speaking of the housing this light has a sleek white design and it is only 49 by 22 by 3 inches in size meaning that even with having 8 bulbs this fixture will still appear small and will fit into any room in your house.

MILLIARD 2 feet 4 bulb T5 Grow Light System

Another top rated T5 fixture that already is called one of the best T5 fixtures is this Milliard 2 feet 4 bulb fixture which is manufactured by a family-owned company that specializes in light manufacturing called Milliard. milliard-24-t5-fixtureSimilarly to previous fixtures this one too has a great lumen to watt ratio because the fixture consumes in total of 96 watts but can give out 8,000 lumens worth of light meaning that with this light you will be able to keep your electricity bill small while still enjoying great plant growth. On top of that this light has a great ballast that will ensure stable volt flow, super-reflective reflector and it will fit great with any hydronic system because of the low heat emission.
The housing of this light is very durable because it is made out of steel that is powder coated in clean white color. TThe Milliard logo is embedded on the side marking the quality of this light, and the fixtures dimensions are 24 by 12 by 2.5 inches.

Hydro Crunch 4 feet 8 lampT5 Grow Light System

For a bigger gardening operation you might want to look into this Hydro Crunch 4 feet 8 lamp grow light that not only has an amazing price but also outstanding features and trusted manufacturing company called Hydro Crunch. The wattage of this grow light together can be rated to 432 watts which isn’t that much if you take into consideration all the other awesome features of this light. For example this fixture has an aluminum reflective interior that will direct all the light back to the plants so they get the largest amount of light possible, a dual switch so you can better adjust your light and control how much light the plants get and the housing of this fixture has slots that will let the light cool more efficiently without having to add extra ventilation to your indoors garden.
This light in its size is quite small with dimensions only 46 by 19 by 3 inches in heights making it very thin and compact but the white color of the fixture will help it blend in into any light interior even further giving this grow light a very universal usage.

Sun & Stars Lighting 4 feet 4 lamp T5 Fixture

And last but definitely not the least is this Sun & Stars Lighting 4 feet 4 bulb T5 grow light that is simple yet efficient and will help you grow great plants. Sun & Stars Lighting T5The efficiency of this light, whose manufacturer is a company that produces only the highest quality lighting products – Sun & Stars Lighting, stems from the fact that being a T5 light it has not only low watt consumption and bright light output but it also has other characteristics that makes it very efficient. These characteristics are a chrome reflector that is mirrored and will let the light bounce off it and get it to the plants instead of being lost in oblivion, ballast that keeps the volt current steady and limits the damage that might occur if there is a sudden power outage, and a heavy gauge steel housing that is pretreated with iron phosphate which ensures that the light is durable even in outdoors conditions and won’t rust so it can be used not only as a grow light bus as general lighting in warehouses, basements or any other place that needs light.
As for the design of this light, it is very modest yet somehow modern with the polygon like housing shape, and the small lamp dimensions of 48.2 by 11.8 by 3.4 inches only makes it more linear and sleek.