In terms of T5 grow light fixtures there are two distinctive lengths of T5 fixtures – 2ft and 4 feet long fixtures, but after that there are many bulb count variations of these fixtures, where each size offers different lighted area and different light brightness for clients to choose the one that best caters to their needs. In this article I will highlight the best 2 feet 8 bulb T5 fixtures because these fixtures are wide, cover nice amount of square feet and are amazingly bright.

Image / Model Wattage Brightness Color t° Our rating
192 W 6400K


192 W 6400K


192 W 6500K


192 W 6500K



EnviroGro FLT28 T5 Fixture

EnviroGro is one of the best known grow light brands that has decoded what features make great and efficient light. And thankfully we get to enjoy all these features for a great price and in compact packaging.

envirogro 28This fixture that is only 2 feet long but packs 8 bulbs that give our up to 16,000 lumens each time  the light is turned on. To reach this kind of lumen count it will consume only 192 watts per hour so it won’t even sum up to 200 watts, but the light will shine a bright and powerful light onto your plants.

Additionally, the fixture itself is made from German specular aluminum that only adds to the overall efficiency of the light, and that in combination of the high grade reflectors create one hell of a light to use to help you plants grow better.

The fixture, which dimensions are 30 to 25 to 5 inches (76.2 cm x 63.5 cm x 12.7 cm) and which weighs 8.3 pounds (3.7 kg), also come packaged with hanging kit that will allow you to hang the light 3 different ways and the bulbs themselves will be with the color temperature of 6,400 Kelvins that will let you jump-start your plants and nurture them up until they are flowering.

Hydrofarm Designer FLP28 T5 Fixture

Although this and previous EnviroGro fixtures are made by the same company, which means that the quality of both of these lights is superb, this Designer T5 fixture have a few more high class components that lets you call this fixture a designer T5 grow light.

designer 28Not only the price point is a bit higher for this lamp, it packs few more features than previous light. Of course in terms of power consumption and output they are quite equal, consuming 192 watts of electricity and giving out 16,000 lumens each hour.

But as for the additional features you will get a fixture that can be Daisy chained together that will allow you to easily expand your light setup but power the whole setup from one outlet. But the unique design of the fixture – the brown colored powder coated steel housing with aluminum reflectors and high grade bulbs sockets make up one sleek looking, efficient working T5 fixture.

The light will come with 8 bulbs that will be with the color temperature of 6,400 Kelvin and will help you start growing any kind of plants quickly. And the dimensions of this Designer fixture are 23.2 to 24 to 2.4 inches (58.92 cm x 60.96 cm x 6.09 cm) and it weighs 16.6 pounds (7.5 kg).

DuroLux DL8208 2ft 8lamp T5 Grow Light

Next on my list is this DuroLux fixture that has simple yet durable looking exterior and great inside features to provide your plants with the light they need to grow strong and do it quickly.

duroluxThis light like any other 2 feet 8 bulb light will consume 192 watts of electricity per each hour which if you come to think of it is really not that much. In return for this power consumption you will get 20,000 lumen bright light that makes the light payoff pretty great.

Moreover, extra feature for this fixture include 95% German hammertone reflectors, that will reflect almost all of the rouge light back to your plants, the fixture also is able to be daisy chained with other fixtures for a quick and painless light setup expansion, and the dual on/off switch feature will let you modify your fixtures light for specific setups meaning that you have the ability to turn on only 4 of the all 8 bulbs at a time to either consume power or make the light multipurpose.

The fixture also has already pre-installed ballastlamp-holders with fire prevention technology and the fixtures dimensions are 23.5 inches in its length, 23.5 inches in its width and only 3 inches in height (59.69 cm x 59.69 cm x 7.62 cm). And the fixture weighs 10.5 pounds (4.7kg).

DuroLux DL828S 2ft 8lamp T5 Grow Light

But if you want a really cheap but still reliable option of 2 feet long 8 lamp T5 grow light fixture then this DuroLux one is for you, because although it is cheaper and maybe with a little less different features, it has the power  specifications of more expensive fixtures and will provide you with great grow light system.

durolux SIn terms or power it is almost equal to the previous DuroLux fixture with 20,000 lumen power output and 190 watt electricity input, which is 2 watts less electricity consumed, but in terms of design and other features it is quite different form previous grow light.

This grow fixture feature much more open design in terms of fixtures housing with the reflectors being one of the main components of this housing which to some might seem cheap and easily breakable, but in the reality it actually is very durable and the open design will let the fixture air out better so it help with the heat buildup, not that T5 lights produce a lot of heat but still running the light for several hours might produce some heat.

This fixture for its design and size is also perfect for indoors gardens and grow operations because it is only 23.5 inches long. 12.5 inches wide and 4 inches high (59.69 cm x 31.75 cm x 13.16 cm) and weighs about 7 pounds (3.17 kg).