Some of the hardest things to maintain with green plants are the proper amount of sunlight needed. As much as we would like, it usually is a known fact that different regions are better for growing different types of plants. What are the best ways to artificially grow plants but to grow them using lights in your greenhouse? These lights will make artificial sunlight that will help plants grow to their healthiest state and even helping have a bigger harvest than you would just try to grow naturally. The best lights you can use for this is a T5 grow light, which is scientifically proven to be one of the top lights with producing the best results for your plants. O, what are all the benefits of T5 lights?

Low Cost

The things you may not think of when trying to get the most out of your plants is the energy efficiency of the lighting you use. When you save money on electricity, that means you can buy more seeds for your garden. Luckily, T5 room lights are some of the most energy-efficient products you can buy on the market. These fluorescent lights actually use less energy than most lights you could use to grow your plants. That can mean that gardening for you will cost a fraction of what it used to and you can start saving money towards buying even more plants in your next cycle.

So just how much do these things cut down your energy bill? A lot of the T5 lights on the market claimed to cut energy bills in half by at least 50%. That’s a pretty significant drop in energy usage when you actually think about how much 50% actually is. If you have a bigger space, then this will save you even more money by replacing all of the lights with T5 lights. Most people reading this article are going to have just one row of T5 lights installed for their garden but by replacing multiple lights with these energy efficient fixtures, you can save even more money and make your harvest even more worthwhile and it was before.

T5 grow lights, unlike most other lights used in indoor gardening, are extremely long lasting. A T5 grow light can last up to 20,000 hours or more and are made to be constantly kept on. That means that you won’t see the light bulb start to dim over time and throughout the duration of its life, you will have the same bright glow you did as you started until the light eventually gives out. Longer light life means you’ll be buying fewer replacements that will take up precious resources and money that you could otherwise use on making more produce out of your garden.


Plants can be very fickle when it comes to growing up big and strong. While some plants may be hardy in about any environment, there are so much more hard to grow plants, unless the circumstances are perfect. These are the plants that you’re more than likely to end up growing and than the ones that will require more care than normal to gain a big harvest. A lot of these more fickle plants will need a warmer environment than most and more time spent basking in a light to grow properly.

More Produce

By using T5 grow lights, you’re going to get a bigger, better harvest because the light and low heat are specifically designed to give your plants the best light source they can possibly have to grow in. This means on days when your greenhouse just isn’t getting that much sun or it’s been raining for a week, these lights will continuously provide the correct amount of lighting that your plants need to grow up big strong and healthy. When a plant stays in an environment where it can expend more nutrients, then you will see it grow more vegetables and fruits.

These lights help coax your plants into a safe environment where they can put out more seedlings. Generally, seedlings are contained in the fruits and vegetables we eat. That’s right, the first thing you should realize about plants and what we eat from them is that we actually eat the part of the plant that protects and produces their offspring. When a plant feels more secure in its environment, it’s going to be more willing to produce offspring knowing that its offspring will have a better chance at surviving and expanding its species further.

Another big player in the effectiveness of T5 grow lights is that you can place them close to your plants since they don’t burn as hot as many other lights. This means that you will have more space to grow vegetation instead of lights taking up a portion of your gardening area. The more compact you can make your garden, the more plants you’re going to be able to grow by simply having more potting space. On average, you can keep these lights two to six inches away from your plants which is extremely impressive and is very space conservative. This also means that you’ll have a lot fewer ventilation issues to deal with, so you can save you money in the long run as well.

Lastly, I’m going to mention the fact that there are other types of lights that are made for bigger gardening areas. T5 grow lights are great for people starting out and gardening is going to really help you out when you’re on a budget. If you ever wish to expand your garden’s set of T5 grow lights, you can upgrade to a larger fixture size. I also want to mention the fact that even though LEDs have been all the rage in the growing community, T5 lights tend to last longer and they don’t deteriorate for years unlike other grow lights. LED bulbs actually tend to get less bright as they get older making them a cheap and much more reliable pick for long-term growth.