Ever dreamed of becoming completely self-sufficient, and of literally living off the fruits of your own labor? Setting up a greenhouse on your property is one way of taking you a step closer to this dream. You see, it’s not easy to grow great crops if you live in a climate that has long winters, and has unfavorable growing conditions. Wouldn’t it be great to have a device that traps the sunlight, warmth, and moisture from the environment, and thus enables you to create an artificially warm, moist climate for your starters and planters to grow up in? Well, that’s exactly what a greenhouse does! Overcoming the limitations of nature and giving your plants just the environmental conditions they require to grow up strong. Designed correctly, a greenhouse will enable you to grow some great plants, and enjoy a rich, varied harvest at your place, all throughout the year. But what are the best things to grow in a greenhouse? That’s what we are here to find out! Read on, as we take you through the most popular plants to grow in a backyard greenhouse.


Ginseng is a very good crop to grow in your own personal greenhouse. A plant with fleshy roots that is native to Asia, ginseng not only has great health benefits – helping boost your energy levels, aiding you to lose weight, and even enhancing your sexual function – it’s also a great cash crop that will enable you to earn some income from your garden – and even perhaps help you pay off the greenhouse!


Some mushrooms are poisonous to humans, so you have to be very careful about which ones you grow – but they are another fine crop to grow in a greenhouse. Not only can you add them to any number of meals, they also will earn you money from a lot of people.


Bamboo is a very easy crop to grow in your greenhouse and it can also be used for many different purposes. Not only can you add bamboo to many different soups and stews, it also has many medicinal properties, and can also be used to make clothes, buildings, and accessories as well. It makes a good decorative item too.


Whether it’s parsley mint, turmeric or something else, herbs are another plant that’s very easy to grow pretty much anywhere – inside a greenhouse or without. They also have a multitude of uses: you can cook and garnish your meals with herbs, some of them also have medicinal properties.


Cucumbers are pretty easy to grow, and a limited number of these plants will spawn a surprisingly large harvest. In fact, if you’re not careful they will really grow out and could even take over your garden!


Peppers love the hot, steamy conditions inside a greenhouse, so you can get a really good harvest from these plants. They will add a lot of zest and flavor to your meals.


This is yet another crop that you can grow in a greenhouse year-round. It’s very good for you too – remember that spinach was the favorite food of Pop-Eye the Sailor! If you keep animals on your homesteading property, then they too will benefit from a regular helping of spinach.

Leafy greens

Also pretty easy to grow, and they should be a staple item of any healthy diet. Leafy greens contain many of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that our bodies require in order to work properly. So why not leave aside a certain amount of space aside for them in your greenhouse? You will enjoy a steady supply the entire year around.


Another simple crop to raise in a home greenhouse. They require minimal time and space to grow and harvest, and they too contain a lot of important nutrients.


Like peppers, tomatoes love the heat, so they are yet another plant that will really flourish under the conditions of a greenhouse. Make sure not to plant them too close to your peppers – to avoid cross-pollination – and also remember that because of the extra heat inside a greenhouse, they will have to be watered more frequently.


Citrus fruits like lemons have actually been reported to do quite well in a greenhouse. Get yourself some lemon trees, put them in your hothouse, and see how you go.


Like lemons, oranges also do very well in the tropical conditions of a greenhouse. Keep them in there all year round; that way you won’t have to keep moving them around whenever the temperature dips in your garden. And with a bit of luck, you will be able to enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice throughout the entire year.


Another good plant to grow in a greenhouse. Easy to raise and puts out an impressive harvest from only a handful of plants. Again, be careful though, as squash likes to take over as well when you let it grow unattended.


Enjoy delicious strawberries throughout the year by growing some containers in your greenhouse. No longer any need to buy the imported ones from the supermarket.


This is one fruit you might not consider a likely candidate for growing inside a greenhouse. Just as with grapes grown outside, they will require an arbor to train them where to grow. Don’t let that put you off, though! With a bit of love and attention, you can raise some very fruitful grape vines in your backyard greenhouse.

Swiss chard

Beautiful to look at, with its rainbow hues, swiss chard is also a very healthy, nutrient-rich food. Easy to grow, you will have no problem raising it within your greenhouse.


Yes, you can raise a full-grown peach tree within a greenhouse! And with the temperature control made possible by doing so, your tree will produce for longer, enabling you to enjoy fresh, sweet fruit throughout the year.


Chilies – like other peppers – also adore the warmer temperatures, so you will have no problem growing these plants within a greenhouse.