Sun Blaze T5 HO fixtures

There are many different brands to choose from when you are searching for the best T5 grow lights. Each brand and company differs in various categories from the way of manufacturing to their customer policies, and all these differences should be taken into consideration when you want to buy your next T5 light. This time around we will be looking at 7 different seized T5 hydroponic lights that are under the brand name of Sun Blaze.

To understand the quality of these lights fist you should know a little about the history of the company that is behind this Sun Blaze brand. That would be Sunlight Supply, Inc. – a company that originated in Vancouver Washington in 1995, but since have grown and now does their business from 12 different facilities all over the US.  Now Sunlight Supply offers more than 5,000 products for you to choose from starting with products manufactured by the company itself – from lights like the Sun Blaze brand T5 lights to Flame Defender brand fire extinguishers – to other manufacturer products that they distribute. You can easily say that Sunlight Supply is the main grow light and greenhouse equipment supplier in the US, therefore not only their quality is top notch, but their service is also at peak performance. And they are sure to give back too. They support many charities and almost all of their staff do philanthropic work.

Under the Sun Blaze brand there are 7 T5 grow lights of different sizes and lengths. Although their main features, materials and look are similar, there are some differences between each of these lights.

Similar features:

  • No matter the size of the light, Sunlight Supply has designed their lights to have durable and strong housing. These lamps are rigged with steel housing that is powder coated in white color to add lightweight and minimalistic effect to the light and held together with multiple screws to add to the fastness of these lamps.
  • All lights have built in feature that allows you to connect multiple different Sun Blaze T5 light fixtures together, but run them using only one regular 120 Volt outlet. It is called daisy chain feature and will be useful to anyone who eventually want or need to expand their garden, but don’t want to deal with messy wires.
  • All models have been fitted with amazing and effective reflectors. Manufacturer has used German aluminum to craft their reflectors so that they are able to reflect up to 98% of the light that is produced by these grow lights on to the plants. This will not only minimize the light losses and give your plants more lights, but the aluminum will prevent any possibility of hotspots or uneven light distribution.
  • Upon purchasing any of Sun Blaze lams you will get appropriate bulbs with your purchase too. They will be 6500 Kelvin T5 bulbs, that are equivalent to the color temperature of regular daylight which means that these bulbs will be perfect for plants in vegetative stages of their growth, as well as great for seedling and even cloning. But you can purchase 3000 Kelvin bulbs to enrich the color spectrum of your T5 lights or to fast track the flowering stage.
  • The box that the light comes in will be eco-friendly, so that you can not only grow your own plants with the light that is inside the box, but help the environment by not damaging it with hazardous packaging.
  • Also the manufacturer is kind enough to offer 5 year warranty for all ballast details of the light and a one year warranty for the bulbs, so you can be sure that any unexpected damage that occurs will be fixed by the best experts.
  • And last but not least all these lamps have an on and off switch which is located on the side for easy access, a 12 foot power cord that enables you to use the light even in biggest rooms where outlet is further from the lights. And a set of wire cable hangers, that allow you to securely mount the light to your ceiling or wall any direction that suits your grow setup.

Different features:

  • 2 feet 2 lamp fixture – the dimensions of this light are 23.75 to 7.75 to 2.675 inches in height (60.325 cm x 19.685 cm x 6.794cm). It consumes only 48 watts per hour, but let’s your plants have 4,000 lumen strong light to help them thrive. And to keep the light cool there are 8 louvers in total on all sides of the light for better ventilation.
  • 2 feet 4 lamp fixture – the dimensions of this light are 23.75 to 12.675 to 2.675 inches in height (60.325 cm x 32.194 cm x 6.794 cm). This light chews up 96 watts of electricity per each hour, but for these watts it gives out 8,000 lumens worth of light, which makes the lumen to watt ratio pretty high (83 lm/w). And there are 3 louvers on each side length wise and 2 louvers on each side width wise on the housing of this light to keep it from overheating.
  • 2 feet 8 lamp fixture – the dimensions of this light are 23.75 to 22.5 to 2.675 inches (60.325 cm x 57.15 cm x 6.794 cm). The wattage of this light is only 192 watts, which is an extremely low number taking into consideration the 1,600 lumen light output. As well as this 8 bulb model features two instead of only one “on and off” switches that enables the user to toggle between on or off only 4 of all 8 bulbs at a time. But for better ventilation there are in total 14 louvers on the sides of the lamp.
  • 4 feet 2 lamp fixture – the dimensions of this light are 47.75 to 7.75 to 2.765 inches in height (121.285 cm x 19.685 cm x 7.023 cm). This T5 in total chews up 108 watts of electricity, but for that the lumens count is 10,000 lumens for this whole light, which makes up a pretty great lumen to watt ratio (92.5 lm/w). And to help relieve the light from any extra heat that might have built up, there are in total 16 louvers on the housing of the lamp to do that.
  • 4 feet 4 lamp fixture – the dimensions of this light are 47.75 to 17.375 to 2.675 inches (121.285 cm x 32.194 cm x 7.023 cm). Each of the 4 bulbs inside this light consumes 54 watts that is 216 watts in total. But in return the bulbs give out 20,000 lumen strong light to your plants. Moreover, the both sides of the length of the lamp are lined with 7 louvers each, but the width have 3 louvers each that helps air out the housing of the light and prevents any heat problems that might occur.
  • 4 feet 6 lamp fixture – the dimensions of this light are 47.75 to 12.675 to 2.675 inches (121.285 cm x 44.132 cm x 7.023 cm). This 6 bulb fixture in one hour burns 324 watts, but those watts are turned in 30,000 lumens of bright light for each of the the plants grown under this light. And in addition there are a whole of 20 small louvers on the housing of this T5 light for better heat and temperature control.
  • 4 feet 8 lamp fixture – the dimensions of this light are 47.75 to 22.5 to 2.675 inches (121.285 cm x 57.15 cm x 7.023 cm). The wattage for this huge light is considerably small – 432 watts, but those watts are turned into 40,000 lumens of light for your plants to use. The housing of this light is supplied with 24 louvers to better the heat dissipation. Plus as this is an eight bulb fixture, it also has two rather that one “on/off” switch that lets you light only 4 of the bulbs at a lime, letting you have larger variety in light options.