T5 lights are extremely popular amongst all indoors plant growers, because these lights offer not only efficiency but durability and also quality. There are a few different options of T5 lights, but the VHO T5 bubs will give you the highest efficiency with reasonable wattage and heat emission.

The Solar Flare VHO fixtures goes under brand named Sun System which in return is one of featured and best selling brands of Sunlight Supply Incorporated. Sunlight Supply for almost 20 years now are producing many different equipment that is used when growing plants indoors and outdoors. One of their best pieces of this wide variety of gardening supplies are their fluorescent lamps and fixtures, because they always have the best ballasts, reflectors and all other details that make up T5 fixtures.

You are able to buy two different sized Solar Flare fixtures and with two different voltages, this means that in total there are 4 options to chose from that have many similar features as well as a few key features that are different for each fixture.

Similar features:

  • One of the most important peaces of a T5 fixture is their ballast, because that is the part that regulates the volt current that the bulbs get. Solid state electronic ballasts are installed in all of the Solar Flare fixtures, which means that they are of great quality and won’t burn out as fast as different ballasts would.
  • Also an important feature to any T5 light is the reflector, because it insures that all of the light will travel towards the plants. These fixtures have 95% reflective aluminum reflector that is the best ones one the market.
  • The housing that surrounds the bulbs and protects the bulbs from damage is made out of heavy steel and powder coated white. This will ensure that your fixture stays intact and is durable against any outside factors.
  • And this housing is louvered and slotted, to give additional ventilation to the bulbs and keep them nice and cool from the little heat emission that these lights have.
  • To make it easier for you to put up these fixtures, there are 2 chrome wire hangers included into the package that will let you hang the light up and use it in no time.
  • The daisy chain feature in addition to the grounded power cord will let you plug together multiple of these VHO fixtures and quickly expand your garden without additional hassle.
  • And last but not least the manufacturer includes 2 year warranty for the fixtures to protect you from any premature damage and expenses.

Different features:

  • Size – these T5 fixtures are available in two sizes:
    • solar flare4 feet 8 bulb fixture – the dimensions of this fixture are 47 to 29 to 4.5 inches (119.38 cm x 73.66 cm x 11.43 cm). These fixtures give out 57,600 lumens worth of bright light, but will crew up 760 watts of electricity each hour.
    • 4 feet 12 bulb fixture – the dimensions for this size of fixture are 47 to 44 to 4.5 inches in height (119.38 cm x 111.76 cm x 11.43 cm). The initial lumen count for this one is 86,000 lumens that will result in 1,140 consumed watts.
  • Voltage – the fixtures are available with two different voltages:
    • 120 V – the standard voltage for electric appliances in the US.
    • 240 V – the regular voltage of electricity in Europe and the rest of the world.