nev wawe T5 fixtures

There are plenty of different manufacturers who produce and distribute T5 grow lights and each of these manufacturer’s works have different features to look at and to help you decide which is the right grow light for you. Here will be a collection of New wave brand T5 lights of all sizes to show you the variety of this brand.

New wave is a brand of T5 lights by company called Sunlight Supply, Inc. They, for quite some time, have been the leading grow light and other gardening and plant growing manufacturers and distributors in the US. This company was established in 1995 in Vancouver Washington. At first it was a small manufacturer but with time it has developed into huge company with 12 locations all over US and over 5,000 distributed products. The quality of all their manufactured products comes from years of experience as well as from serious testing experiments done on all their products. But in Sunlight Supply’s case quality doesn’t mean high price. It rather means amazing work ethics, build quality and product performance, along with thoughtfulness against nature and reduced company’s environmental footprint.

There are 6 different sized T5 light fixtures under this New wave brand name. And although most of the features are similar from size to size, there also are a couple ones that differ.

Similar features:

  • No matter the size of the fixture all of the fixtures have supreme exterior. The housing is made out of high grade steel and powder coated to give it sleeker and more modern feel. The color plus the unique shape of the housing and all fixture together creates a design that is efficient as well as ergonomic.
  • The interior of all fixtures is laid out with German reflective aluminum that will reflect up to 95% of all emitted light to the plants, so they are sure to receive 70% more light than they would if there wouldn’t be any reflectors or they would be made out of different, lower quality, materials.
  • Another feature that absolutely needs to be highlighted is the electronic ballast that is built into this fixture. The ballast is solid state ballast that will greatly regulate all of the current that flows through the fixture to the bulbs, as well as do a great job at providing the correct voltage to start up the light so that there aren’t any huge electricity bursts that can fuse the fixture.
  • And thanks to the ballasts and all the other details of the fixture these lights doesn’t emit any vibration, noise and barely emit any heat. That means that not only there won’t be any footprint of this light, but you will be able to place the fixture really close to the plant canopies and they won’t acquire any damage.
  • In all the fixtures each 2 bulbs can be turned on or off separately. This feature enables the owner of these fixtures manipulate and experiment with the lighting for his or her plants that is a great option for any new, or already experienced, plant grower.
  • All lights come with specially made V shaped chrome hangers and eye bolts that will make the hanging of the light very easy. And you will be able to chose the direction in which the fixture is hung up to suite your grow space.
  • If, with time, you want to expand your grow operation all of these fixtures offer a daisy chain system that will allow you to power up to 5 fixtures from one outlet, so there won’t be any cluttered wires. And the 8 foot power cable that comes with each light will make this process even more painless and easy, because that is enough cable to hang up lights on even the highest sealing.
  • With these lights you can also chose a variety of bulbs. There are 6500 Kelvin color temperature bulbs that will fast track you plants growth, but 3000 Kelvin bulbs for example will promote the flowering and budding of you plants. And you can also test your gardening skills and put in half of the bulb count of 3000 and half of 6500 Kelvin bulbs to provide you plants with universal, all around, light.
  • And lastly the manufacturer provides the fixture with 2 year factory warranty and 1 year warranty to all of the bulbs so that in case something happens you can surely turn to your distributor for repairs or exchange of fixture or bulbs. But to be honest – faulty fixtures and bulbs by this manufacturer are a rare occurrence

Different features:

  • 2 feet 2 bulb fixture – the dimensions of this fixture are 22.9 to 7.1 to 3.5 inches in the fixtures height (58.166 cm x 18.034 cm x 8.89 cm). The efficiency of this light is 48 watts and 4,000 lumens, which means that for each watt this light gives out 83.3 lumens. And for ventilation purposes the housing of this fixture has 10 louvers in total to keep the heat out of the fixture.
  • 2 feet 4 bulb fixture – dimensions for this fixture are 23.3 to 11 to 3.5 inches in height (59.182 cm x 27.94 cm x 8.89 cm). This light each hour will chew up 96 watts of power but for these watts there will be 8,000 lumens strong of light. And to effectively cool the fixture there are 6 louvers on each side of the fixture length vise.
  • 2 feet 8 bulb fixture – dimensions for this fixture are 21.3 to 22.8 to 3.5 inches (54.102 cm x 57.912 cm x 8.89 cm). The wattage of this T5 fixture is 192 watts for which the lumen output is 16,000 lumens. The same as the 4 bulbs model, this 8 bulb fixture as well has 12 louvers to vent out the housing and keep the bulbs cool.
  • 4 feet 2 bulb fixture – dimensions for this fixture are 47 to 6 to 3.5 inches in height (119.38 cm x 15.24 cm x 8.89 cm). The watt consumption for this 4 feet lamp fixture is 108 watts for which the light emits 10,000 lumens of bright light for your plants to use. But the 24 louvers located on the housing of this fixture serve for ventilation purposes.
  • 4 feet 4 bulb fixture – dimensions for this fixture are 47 to 11 to 3.5 inches (119.38 cm x 27.94 cm x 8.89 cm). Each 4 feet bulb of this fixture consumes 54 watts of power that together makes 216 watts in total. But the lumen output from this fixture is 20,000 lumens. That sums up to 96.5 lumens per each watt. And to keep the fixture cool there are 26 louvers on the two longer sides of the steel housing.
  • 4 feet 8 bulb fixture – dimensions for this fixture are 47 to 21 to 3.5 inches (119.38 cm x 53.34 cm). All together this T5 fixture will consume 432 watts of electricity, but for these watts the lamp will emit 40,000 lumens strong of light. And for cooling purposes the there have been put 28 slots or lovers that efficiently chills the fixture.