Although it might seem that T5 lights are only good for plant related uses such as growing plants, giving the plants additional light in the winter or starting seedlings, these are not the only T5 light uses. Yes, the plant related usages are the most common ones, T5 lights are usually labeled as T5 grow lights after all, but they can be used for other purposes too.

t5-lighting-in-garageOne of these other purposes is to use T5 lights as regular lighting. T5 lights give out very bright light and they also consume considerably less watts than for example regular CFL bulbs which means that using the T5 lights over any other kind of lights will let you save a considerable amount of money on electricity. And also the fact that CFL bulbs also give out a lot of heat, but T5 bulbs stay relatively cool all of the time they are being burnt will let you also save on conditioning, because the room in which the T5 lights are placed won’t heat up as fast. All these benefits of T5 lights make them perfect as lighting placed in offices, warehouses, garages and even in your living room if you are going for a more industrial interior, because they will provide enough light to really light up a room, but still will let you save on energy.

t5-ligh-as-decor-elementAnother great feature of T5 lights is that they can be hung not only overhead as all regular lights, but they will also work great if hung on the wall any way you want. T5 lights will work the same weather they are in horizontal or vertical placement which means that these lights will work great also for example for any kind of wall décor. Lately a huge trend in interior design is to use lights as décor elements or combining them with shelving or other objects to create original looking décor. And T5 lights are perfect for these purposes. You can even get colorful T5 lights that shine in red, blue, green or any other colors to make your interior even more interesting.


An unconventional use of T5 lights that I have seen is also to use them to create a so called light rooms. Light rooms are rooms that are created in stores that specialize in selling paint and painting related things like brushes and lacquers. This light room is creates so that clients have the ability to see how the paint will look in different lighting – daylight, evening light or fluorescent light for example. And T5 lights, because they are available is so many color temperature variations as well as color variations, are the perfect lights to use to create this kind of light room and for the to differ themselves from other similar businesses.

hallow-1And the last use for T5 lights that is not related to plants that I am going to mention is to use them in different light installations. Light shows and installations have become quite common in the art world because light installations is a different kind of art form, that although requires knowledge and skill can end up looking great and very interesting. And T5 lights can be great precisely for these light installations, because not only like I previously mentioned they come in variety of colors, they also work great with timers and are available in many different sizes, making them perfect to use in light shows or instillation.