Working can be a tedious moment in your life that you just want to be over at times. If you work in an office, the dread of seeing the same grey walls every day may even drive you completely crazy. Believe it or not, though, the best way to cure the office blues is to start decorating your space. One of the best decorations you can put in your office for a more positive work environment is a live plant. Some of the best plants for your office environment are listed below. These are charming to look at and easy to grow for just about anyone.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great plant to keep around for any burns your morning beverage throws at you. This plant grows between a small and medium size and is considered one of the easiest plants to keep alive besides the cactus. It has a rough texture that may feel waxy to the touch. The plant doesn’t bear any flowers and doesn’t really have much of an odor to speak of until you cut off one of its leaves. Some people even enjoy making beverages out of the plant’s juices due to it’s cooling properties.

While aloe does prefer to be in direct sunlight, most of the time it can do fine if you don’t have immediate access to a window. The only thing that can really kill your plant, besides forgetting to water it, is a sudden decrease in temperature. If your office were to lose heat, you may want to bring your plant home for the night if you want it to survive. The most you need to water this plant is about once a month, as it is originally from a dry climate and tends to hold onto any water it is given.


Cacti are popular plants that come in a variety of sizes to fill any office space you may have left available. The cacti can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. If you’re not comfortable with pricking yourself on your plant then you can even choose to get a cactus covered with bristles instead. There are also blooming cacti if you’d like to add a little more color to your workspace for a cheap price. The best part is you can buy a mini cactus just about anywhere plants are sold.

Cacti come from a dry environment as well, so if you forget to water them for more than a few weeks then they will be perfectly fine. While they can be potted in small planters, it’s best to give them room to grow. Cacti also need quite a bit of sunlight and will do best in or near a sunny window. These plants won’t do well in a colder environment and can easily decrease in health if left near an air conditioner for too long. If you do end up getting a cactus, just keep them in a warm, well-lit spot and you shouldn’t have any trouble growing it for years.

Yucca Elephantipes

If your looking for a lot more greenery, then the yucca is for you. This is a larger plant like you see in a traditional office space and will make you feel like you have a miniature tree in your office. Be warned though, if you buy this plant as a sapling then it will be a slow grower. If you find an adult plant or are an extremely patient person, then this yucca can give your office a tropical feel. This is also one of the plants on the list that takes a little bit more care than the rest due to its tropical nature.

This plant is very fragile and should never be picked up by the trunk or leaves. It will also need a large sized pot to be planted in for growing space. This plant should not be placed in direct sunlight, making it a good option for those of us who don’t have access to a window. This plant needs to be watered every few days or when the soil is dry. Be sure to check this plant at least twice a week to make sure it is getting an ample supply of water.


You probably know mint more from the flavor of candy cane than the actual plant. Mint plants are sold in places like grocery stores and have both health and cooking benefits to them. Mint plants give off the same sweet aroma you will find with mint gum. The aroma is known to reduce stress and even possibly increase your productivity. Mint is also known for being able to calm an upset stomach since it has cooling properties to it as well. The plants usually don’t grow too big and can be kept in a small pot on your desk.

Mint plants come in many different types. In fact, there is a type of mint plant called peppermint and one called spearmint. Just choose whichever plant has the scent you are most partial too. To make sure this plant stays in check, be sure to harvest the tips so it doesn’t grow out of control. The mint plants need the soil they are in to stay moist in order to grow properly. If raised right, the mint plant will even bloom with small flowers near the beginning of the summer.

African Violet

The African Violet is the most colorful plant on our list and consists of bright flowers. It is easy to grow in an indoor setting and will fit in well with most color schemes. This is a medium-sized plant, so it won’t take up to much room on your desk. It is best not to set these in direct sunlight as the soil has a risk of drying out easily and damaging the plant. Be sure to keep dead leaves trimmed and to sprinkle on fresh fertilizer every now and then to keep the plant looking healthy.

This plant should only be kept in indirect sunlight or indoor lighting. The plant does need to be able to get even amounts of light on each side of the pot. This means that you should make a daily routine of turning your plant in order to get the best blooms from the flowers. The soil for this plant should stay moist and the temperature for it should neither be hot or cold. If you’re comfortable, then the African Violet is comfortable.