Although T5 grow light 2 feet 6 bulb fixtures are pretty uncommon and therefore pretty hard to find, I think they are of great size for plant growers, because a fixture of this size is not overly big, so it will fit in smaller spaces, but it still is large enough for several plants with great energy efficiency and light output. Here are a list of some of the best options on the market for 2 feet 6 tube T5 grow light fixtures.

Image / Model Wattage Brightness Color t° Our rating
144 W 6500K


144 W 6505K


144 W 6500K



GrowBright 2 Foot 6 Lamp HO T5

This grow light fixture might not be the cheapest lamp but it definitely is high on the efficiency and design scale, which is only one of the many reasons you should consider buying this fixture if you are looking into 2 feet 6 bulb T5 fixtures.

growbright t5The light consumes 144 watts for each hour it is burned, but for those watts each of the 6 2 feet long bulbs produce 2,000 lumens worth light, that together sums up to 12,000 lumens per fixture, which I would say is not bad for a compact light like this.

In addition not only the efficiency of the light is great, but also the features that this lamp have are top notch. Starting from the solid state electronic ballast that will lower the heat emission of the light to virtually nonexistent and make the light run silent, for the ultimate low key, not noticeable light fixture. Moreover, the light also have polished aluminum reflectors that will reflect up to 95 % of all emitted light back to the plants. And the fixture has the life expectancy of 24,000 hours which means that even if you run it all day and all night the light will last you up to three years.

In regards to the design of the light, this lamp have aluminum housing, that won’t rust and won’t add unnecessary weight to the fixture, while looking sleek and modern. The light can be hung up with steel cable hangers that come with the fixture and are extremely sturdy. And the on/off switch is conveniently placed so that you won’t have to struggle and reach too far just to turn the light on.

The overall dimensions of the light are 19.75 inches in width, 24.375 inches in length and 2.25 inches in depth (50.165cm x 61.912cm x 5.715 cm).

Virtual Sun 2 ft 6 Lamp T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Kit

This T5 fixture is a bit cheaper in the price but that doesn’t mean that it is worse than the previous lamp, because this too includes great features and have amazing efficiency for this type of light.

virtual sun t5The energy consumed and light that this lamp outputs is basically the same, meaning that each bulbs of this T5 grow light too will consume 24 watts of electricity, summing up to 144 watts in total for the whole fixture, and the bulbs will output light that is 12,000 lumens bright. But this fixture have some distinctive features that differs from others.

For example, the manufacturers of this light – Virtual Sun, specifically concentrates on the needs of the growers who use this light to grow their plants, so you can be sure that this is a great option for anyone. On the inside and for the design manufacturer uses only the best components, so that the quality of the light is the highest it can be.

That is why this fixture features premium reflectors that will focus the emitted light directly on the plants, while still distributing the light evenly so no hot spots can occur.  The ballast installed into the fixture is UL and CE certified so you can be sure that it is operation ready and won’t cause you any trouble.

The lamps don’t get hot tanks to the strategic placement of them, meaning that the fixture can be placed directly over the plants canopies and they won’t sustain any damage. And that small heat emission also means that the heat footprint of the light is minimized and your light won’t be noticeable for its heat or sound.

And the frame of the fixture is deliberately made small and compact, so that the light can fit even into very small spaces and is much easier to transport and hang up.

Revolt Standard T5 2 Foot 6 Bulb Fixture

And for a similar price you can also get this Revolt High Output T5 grow light, which is similar in terms of efficiency but also have a few stand out features that some growers might find more appealing.

revolt t5Because this is a 2 feet long fixture with 6 bulb configurations it will consume the regular 144 watts of power each hour it is turned on, and will emit a light that is worth 12,000 lumens – 2,000 lumens for each of the 6 bulbs. But that doesn’t mean that this T5 fixture is that similar to other ones.

This particular model have high quality digital electronic ballasts for one, that will keep the volt flow steady and distribute the heat that the bulbs make evenly so that in the end the heat signature is very small. And the reflective aluminum reflector will reflect all excess light back to the grow area, not letting any light go to waste, but giving it to the plants for them to use it and grow.

Some of the additional features for this fixture are an on/off switch that is placed so that it is easily accessible, the fixture have daisy chain capabilities, so that you can simply plug various fixtures together and still use only one power outlet to power the string of T5 fixtures. And the hanging of the light is a breeze, because this fixture provide three different options – horizontal, vertical or overhead hanging.

The dimensions of this compact yet durable fixture are 24 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height (60.96cm x 50.8cm x 6.35cm) and the lightness of the lamp can be seen in its small weight – only 13 pounds (5.89kg).