On our blog we cover many different T5 lighting relates topics, but most of them are about how to use these fluorescent lights for growing plants. This time I wanted to cover something a bit different, so let me tell you about T5 lights as garage lighting and give you some tips to get the most out of your T5 lamps.

Garages are used for millions of different purposes from shielding your car from the elements to using garages as storage or even workshops or practice areas. But no matter which purpose your garage serves, it is important that there is good lighting. There rarely are windows in garages, which means that you need to rely on lamps for light. And one of the best lamps you can use as artificial lighting are T5 light fixtures and bulbs, because they are very efficient at having small electricity consumption but at the same time giving out a lot of light that is bright and can fill up even the largest of spaces with natural light. But what are the main things to remember when you are installing lights in your garage?

garage lightingFirst of all, because often lamps are the only light source in garages, they suffer from so called cave-lighting effect, meaning that the garage space is dark and can be unpleasant. Fortunately, fluorescent fixtures are the best way to fix this, because they are tube shaped lights that will emit light in longer line type shape and that way the light will cover much larger area, illuminating it and making it appear brighter. Place around 2 to 6 fluorescent light fixtures in your garage, depending on the size of the garage and you should have a space that is well-lit and will stay that way for long time before you will have to replace the bulbs of the fixtures.

Think of also installing a light near the part in your garage where you are storing stuff. Weather it is extra food, cleaning supplies, repair supplies or holiday decorations, chances are that you will need to retrieve some of this stuff sooner or later. And then lighting that illuminates that storage area will be great, because you will be able to see everything and you won’t have to bother with flashlights of phone lighting to find what you are looking for in your storage.

Garage-work-stationAnd lastly if you are using your garage specifically as a workshop or just occasionally do some repairs there, then you should think about installing additional T5 light fixture above your work space. You can mount the longer 4 feet T5 single bulb fixture over your work station and it will automatically be illuminated with bright light. On top of that the lamp won’t cast shadows that can be very annoying especially if you are doing something that requires a lot of focus and you will also be able to save money with these lights, because even if you run them for 12 hours a day 7 days a week, your electricity bill still won’t be huge.

T5 lamps and bulbs are truly one of the best multipurpose light that you can purchase, because these lights can be used as grow lights as well as regular lights in your home. And they will look especially good in your garage, illuminating this dark space so you don’t have to go blindly through your storage in half lit garage or work on your projects under bad lighting that way damaging your eyesight ever again.