Gardening is one of those fields that is ruled by necessity and personal taste, not latest trends, but there still are gardening trends that go in an out of style and that have some influence on how people set-up and care for their gardens. Most of these gardening trends are either new, innovative gardening methods that people can use or new designs that are introduced to make gardening a bit more modern. So here are those 2017 gardening trends that most gardeners can apply to their practices or at least consider as inspiration for their next gardening projects.

Natural materials

Last year plastic furniture and other plastic decorations were widely used in gardens, but lately they are disappearing from gardens. Now gardeners are going back to old-fashioned DIY looking gardens with natural materials used for everything. Most modern gardens are natural and organic. Wooden furniture, stone design elements and clay are the main materials you should be using to decorate and compliment your garden, if you want to implement this gardening trend.

Horizontal gardens

As the world is rapidly urbanizing, space for gardening is becoming more and more limited, especially in cities. To make the most out of a limited space, horizontal gardening or so called living walls are becoming popular and in 2017 they will be gaining even more popularity. Living walls are horizontally arranged gardens that look like walls made of plants. They can be used in actual gardens as part of the design or even in living spaces or offices, mainly because by using horizontal gardening you can grow almost any kind of plants in virtually any conditions.

Smart lighting in gardens

Nowadays, lighting is an integral part of gardening, because good lighting promotes plant growth and ensures better yield. And in 2017 smart garden lighting is all the buzz. Lights like T5 grow lights as well as LED bulbs are at the forefront of the smart lighting for gardens, because these lamps output warmer light than most traditional light sources, which makes them a better option as grow lights. Additionally, both T5 bulbs and LED lights are available in various configurations, which make them flexible and a great option for many different lighting setups. And you can even control some of these bulbs with your smart phone, for example you can adjust the brightness or color of the emitted light to exact parameter, so your plants receive only the light that they need.

Green gardening

Gardening itself is considered green and environmentally friendly task, but in reality many bad chemicals are often used in gardening and have negative effects on the environment. So 2017 is the year of cleaning up your gardening practices, because green gardening is hotter than ever. Use chemical-free methods to care for your plants. For example create living spaces for bats and other insect-eating birds near your garden, because these birds will eat all potentially harmful insects and will be more efficient than pesticides. Don’t believe me? Just try it, you’ll be surprised!

Innovative garden care tools

Lastly, innovative and technologically advanced gardening tools also are a huge trend for 2017. Nowadays there are many innovative gardening tools available to make gardening easier than ever. In 2017 such tools as robotic lawn mowers, automatic watering systems and moisture control systems will be the must-have products for any modern gardener. And some gardeners might want to go even further and use smartphone controllable tools to water their plants. This way your plants can be cared for no matter where on the planet you are.

Although adapting something new in gardening is not the simplest of tasks, many of these trends might turn out to be very useful to you. They make gardening immensely easier and can help you garden in a much more environmentally-friendly fashion. Beside it is always good to try something new once in a while, and why couldn’t it be something new gardening wise?