If you have a friend with a green thumb (or commonly known as a gardener) you probably have already started wondering how to surprise them in the upcoming Christmas season. Gardeners are not easy to please. They know more about their hobby than you ever will, therefore choosing a gift for them can be challenging. Which is why we would like to share two of our favorite Christmas gift ideas for gardeners in this festive season that will serve well for both indoor and outdoor gardeners.

This season’s gardeners must-haves are pre-made and all-inclusive “Grow your own garden” sets, that can be grown no matter what time of the year it is outside, what garden setup you have or what is the level of your gardening skill.

Marimo moss ball aquarium


Marimo moss ball aquarium is the newest gardening craze for those who live in the city and has little or almost no space to expand their gardening hobby. Marimo moss ball aquarium is somewhat of a miniature water garden that is incredibly adorable to look at and will add a little touch of true nature to any home interior. You can buy ready-made Marimo aquarium set kits with everything you will needed to put this small aquarium indoor garden together in no time. Usually these set will include a round glass cylinder, some colorful pebbles and soft corals, for example, sea fan which will serve both as feeding ground and food for your Marimo moss ball pets. The best thing about this gift is, that it is super easy to maintain and care for it, because your gardener will basically just need to change the water every few weeks. Additionally, tiny moss ball can survive up to 200 years. Talking about long time reminder of your friendship!

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Mushroom growing kits

The other must have gardener’s gift this Christmas season is a mushroom growing kits. It has never been easier to grow your own mushrooms at home! You can buy pre-inoculated growing kits for common mushrooms like Shiitake, Morel, Lingzhi (also called Reishi) and Oyster mushrooms. You probably had no idea how easy it is to grow mushrooms at home – all it takes is you will have to maintain certain humidity level in your home. It is easily done by spraying water on your mushroom kit now and then, and very soon you will witness new mushrooms starting to pop out of the sides of the mushroom box or log. On top of that, one box will give the kit’s owner multiple harvests. So instead of gifting the same old boring presents, like gardening books or tools, spoil your friend (and, hey – maybe even yourself!) with something very practical, easy to take care of mashroom growing kit. And if your gardener also loves to cook at home, then growing their own cooking ingredients could be a real treat for them.

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Gifts for a gardeners don’t have to be boring on plain, there are many options out there, that will not only make for an original gift, but that also will show your gardener friend how much thought you put into their gift. Mushroom growing kits, moss balls, you name it. Find the type of growing kit that best suits your gardener friend and, trust me, they won’t be disappointed with their present.