The T5 fluorescent hydroponicgrow lights are one of the most used grow lights among any plant growers, because they are efficient, give out good level of light and are compact in their size. In other words they are the best lights for growing plants at home or in your garden. But if you have chosen to purchase a T5 light you might be confused about all different sizes that are available. A good size fixture to start with is 4 feet 4 bulbs light, because it provides enough light coverage for larger house plants as well as good amount of smaller plants or even seedling plants. But to help you even more here are 6 different fixtures that comply withdifferent needs and price ranges.

Image / Model Wattage Brightness Color t° Our rating
216 W 6400K


216 W 6500K


216 W 6400K


216 W 6400K


216 W 6500K


216 W 6500K



DuroLux DL844 T5 Grow Light

To start off I thought I will first mention the cheapest available option of this size T5 grow light, which is this DuroLux grow light. It surprisingly is in the under 100 dollars price range, which is quite cheap for a grow light, but that doesn’t mean that this fixture in any way is bad or inefficient.

71QdoUzI+LL._SL1500_The main reason why this light is so cheap is that it doesn’t have the regular full on steel housing like others do. Instead this light has a full alum body that lets this light be not only lighter, but also cooler too, thanks to the alum and open design. To some this type of industrial design may even seem more appealing.

In the power department this light doesn’t lack in any way, because it gives out 20,000 lumens bright light that is sure to jumpstart you plant vegetation. To be able to produce such luminosity the fixture consumes 230 watts of electricity, which isn’t a lot compared to other fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Additionally, this DuroLux fixture also hasdaisy chain feature with what you can connect multiple of these fixtures together and create bigger setup, bulbs with the color temperature of 6,500 Kelvins, that is ideal for vegetating plants, hammertone reflectors that add to the reflectivity of the fixture, and special type of lamp holder that is manufactured to prevent any chance of fire in the bulbs.

And customers also have only good things to say about this fixture, because most common reviews for this light feature phrases like super bright, good quality light fixture, wonderful grow light and I would recommend this product to others”.

The fixture is 47.5 inches in length, 12.5 inches in width and 4 inches in height (120.65cm x 31.75cm x 10.16cm)and weights only 12 pounds (5.4kg)which is for about one third lighter than any other fixture of this size.


EnviroGro FLT44 Fixture

The next grow light of this kind I would suggest you to look at is this EnviroGro fixture. It is in the price range of under120 dollars which is not bad at all and also is one of the most purchased lights with the best reviews from satisfied customers.

61AeW2OLoXL._SL1500_Comparing to previous fixture this one has a bit smaller wattage –216 watts per hour, but the lumen output is also a bit smaller, because this fixture is able to give out up to 18,800 lumens. Nevertheless this slight difference in lumen amount is not even noticeable when you use this light, because the plant growth under this fixture and brightness of the light is very similar to all other grow light fixtures.

Some of the extra features that this fixture has are secular aluminum reflectors that help better the reflectivity of the fixture, 3 different hanging settings so that you are able to choose if you want to mount your light overhead, horizontally or vertically, the bulbs that come with the fixture have 6,400 Kelvin color temperature so they are great for plants in vegetating stages of their growth, and the powder coated steel housinggives a sturdy yet somewhat light-weight feel to the fixture, so you will have a compact not bulky grow light.

Like I mentioned earlier the customers who have already purchased these lights have nothing but good things to say about their fixtures, because among other comments you can find ones such as “well worth the money”, “the build quality of this product is top notch” and “excellent growers light”.

The dimensions of this fixture are 48.5 inches to 12.5 inches to 4.3 inches (123.19cm x 31.75cm x 10.92cm) and it weighs about 17.6 pounds (7.98kg).


Hydrofarm T5 Tube Designer Grow Light System

Similar to the EnviroGro fixture only at higher price point is this Hydrofarm Designer grow light. Both fixtures feature some of the same characteristics because they both are made by the same manufacturer, but their target audiences are a bit different which can be seen in their prices.

61DVqvt1vIL._SL1500_This Hydrofarm’sDesigner System is made to be their higher end grow light line catering to those who want only the best quality equipment – in this case lighting. With the same 216 watt consumption this fixture is able to reach 20,000 lumen output which is amazing, because that puts the lumen to watt ratio at 92.59 lm/w.

But not only is the power of this light impressive, it has other features that are terrific too. For example, the secular aluminum is used in reflectors to up the reflectivity of the light, the housing is made out of new and stylish brown powder coated steel that will look good in any place and be very durable, the energy efficient 6400 Kelvin bulbs will be amazing at helping your plants grow and be strong as well as won’t heat up and damage your plants and the daisy chain feature is always good in the case of you ever wanting to expand your grow operation.

The customers recognize this fixture for its efficiency and quality too, saying: good light for the money, better built then most” and„incredible lighting”.Proving that it can be worth paying the extra few dollars, to ensure that your plants get the best possible light.

Even with the heavy housing the fixture is very low profile and fairly light – about 17 pounds (7.71kg), and the dimensions of it are 48.5 to 15 to 4.5 inches in height(123.19cm x 38.1cm x 11.43cm).


VegieMaster Grow Light Fixture

If you want a T5 fixture that is in good price range as well as have good parameters and can be used for various different indoors settings then VegieMaster Grow Light might be the light for you.

41NzySZF32L._SX425_This grow light similarly to other 4 feet 4 bulb T5 grow lights will chew up about 216 watts per each hour you operate this light, but this wattage also means that the light maximizes its light output so that any plants that are placed under it will get specially powerful light, but at the same time the fixture minimizes the heat output and footprint, making sure that your plants don’t get damaged under the intense light.

But those are not the only specifics that make this VegiMaster fixture a great light. There also is the digital electronic ballast that will make sure the bulbs and the whole fixture is operating in its maximum capability, the aluminum reflector will make sure to reflect all of the light that the bulbs output and direct it back to the grow area, the bulbs that come with the fixture are top grade 6,500 Kelvin bulbs that will work great on vegetating plants as well as at the very beginning of plant growth cycle, the fixture itself is very durable but also lightweight so you won’t have to struggle to mount it where you like, and the daisy chain capabilities will also be useful if you ever want to expand you garden and grow even more or bigger plants.

The customers who have purchased this light are also very satisfied, because they recognize the great features and versatility this fixture offers: I can clone and veg with one light, very convenient, nothing wrong with making things easier.

The fixture weights about 17 pounds (7.7kg).


ViaVoltTM T5 Fluorescent Fixture

In similar price range as previous fixture is also this ViaVolt one, which not only offers great parameters of the fixture itself, but plant growers have also recognized the amazing capabilities of this fixtureand have left somevaluable reviews.

21mjzfeSQoLThe first thing probably worth mentioning is the lumen output and wattage of the light, because these specs are the ones that best describe the power of this fixture. So it operates on 216 watts per hour, which is very normal for this kind of fixture, and in return the lumen output is 20,000 lumens in total, each bulb giving out 5,000 lumens. These numbers alone are impressive, but there are other details about this light that makes it very good grow light.

This fixture not only have asolid steel housing in textured brown color that makes it stand out among all the other white fixtures, but housing of the light is also louvered and slotted so that the light can cool itself down and you won’t have to battle any heat related problems. Also the electronic ballast is very solid in this fixture which means that the light and power flow will be even and uninterrupted, and the 6,400 Kelvin bulbs that come with the fixture will be great for basically any stage of plants growth until flowering – germinating seeds, cloning, growing, etc.

The customers that already own this light in their reviews mention things like “This light is solid and very well made,  love this light and so do my plantsand I would buy from these folks again without hesitation. So you can clearly tell the enthusiasm and quality of this fixture.

The dimensions for the light are 47 to 13.5 to 3 inches (119.38cm x 34.29cm x 7.62cm) and or weights around 18.1 pounds (8.21kg).


Hydro Crunch Hydroponic T5 Grow Light System

And last but not least is this Hydro Crunch grow light that has agreat price point coming in the range of under 120 dollars as well as few useful features which will benefit to any plant grower weather the fixture is used as completely artificial light or as an additional light to other light source.

51yT9ECureLAs it is with most of 4 feet 4 tube fixtures this one also has wattage of 216 watts, because each of the 4 feet bulbs consume 54 watts of electricity each hour. For these watts your fixture will give out powerful and bright light.

But the watt consumption is not the only great thing about this fixture. It features a 95% reflective aluminum reflector that will direct all of the emitted light right back to the plants, the spacing of the 4 lamps inside the fixture is uniquely calculated, so that it is able to provide larger space coverage, the mounting system is made so that with the same wire hangers you can hang the light vertically or horizontally and lastly the 6,500 Kelvin T5 bulbs that come with the fixture will be able to serve for your plants from the seedling process up to the last stages of growing and the first stages of plant flowering process. But if you want to be even more creative, you can put in 2 of the 6,500 Kelvin and two of 3,000 Kelvin bulbs to transform your fixture into an all around light.

The size of this fixture is 48 inches to 15 inches to 3 inches (121.92cm x 38.1cm x 7.62cm), but it weighs about 18 pounds (8.16kg).