Indoor gardens are very beautiful and add so much joy you home or any space. They fill a dark cold room with light and life. Although indoor gardens are very beautiful, it requires a lot of work and knowledge to maintain one. You can place different plants in your room, but if you don’t take care of them, these plants soon enough will die. Therefore I will be discussing main tips for planning and keeping your indoor garden and plants alive and healthy.

First of all, you have to choose what kind of indoor garden you want to make. There are two general styles to choose from. First called container gardening, being more traditional gardening style, using planters and containers to grow your plants in soil. This type is used also if eventually, you want to move your plants outside. The second type is called hydroponic gardening. This type uses fertilized water in order to grow plants and all plants are arranged vertically and is usually used in small spaces or to grow vegetables indoors.

When you have determined which of the two types, container gardening or hydroponic, suits your needs, you have to choose the right space. Picking the right room in your house is crucial. In too cold or too dark rooms plants will not survive for long. Most indoor plants like tropical and subtropical climates. Therefore warm, light and humid will be the best circumstances. Many plants prefer bathroom and rooms with big windows because these rooms are moist and have a lot of sunlight.

Some plants need and want more sun than others, therefore plants who need more sun should be placed facing north in order to receive the most sunlight possible. However, you should still be careful with placing plant directly in sunlight. Plants can get burnt from too much sun, therefore, you need to ensure that you are providing them with enough water and fluids.

Many plants which do not need a lot of sunshine do grow the best in the bathroom because of the moisture there, as many plants like a tropical climate. Bathrooms are the most humid rooms in the house, therefore, they are the most appropriate for many plants. You should never place your plants in droughty areas. Meaning that you should never place them near air conditioning or ducted heat outlets.

One of the best tips that many don’t know is the right way how to water your plants. Watering your plants from the top and directly pouring liquid onto plant can be very damaging, water can flood and not reach plants roots on the bottom at all. Therefore you should place a dish under the plant and fill that with water. Just make sure that your pots have holes at the bottom for this method to work. The plant itself will take as much water and fluid as it needs.

Although, plants love water and humid climate. Overwatering can also be a cause of plant death. You should only water your plants when the soil feels dry when you touch it. A great tip for not overwatering plants is misting them. You don’t pour water directly on soil but still, provide moisture. Although plant might not need watering, it still can benefit a lot from misting it from time to time. If the air in your house is very dry, then these plants need more misting as air is not humid at all and leaves on plants might be drying out.

Lastly, a tip for those who tend to leave the house for longer periods of time. Very effective method of watering your plants is using ice cubes. Placing them on top will provide moisture for longer periods as the ice cube will melt gradually.

Overall, maintaining your indoor garden will take time and effort, but if you consider all above-mentioned tips, your indoor garden should be healthy and flourishing.