Light is a vital component for the plants to grow and thrive because light is the thing that is responsible for photosynthesis in the plants – or the process of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose so that plants can grow. And if the plants don’t get enough light they can become weak and start to languish. But light is not the only thing that the plants need, because water is just as important to the plants as light, especially if the plants grow under artificial lighting such as T5 grow lights, that can dry out the plants faster.

check-plants-before-wateringThe first rule of watering plants is to check if the plant need the water before simply watering the plants. Water is good to the plants, but over-watering the plants will do them no good, because over-watering is the easiest way to damage or even kill any plant. So before watering be sure to check if the plants are thirsty by simply touching the soil further from the plant and its roots – toward the edge of the pot with your fingers. If the very edge of the post soil is dry (about and inch from the pots edge is dry) then you should definitely water your plant, but if the soil is still wet or moist there then the plant doesn’t need any water yet. It might sound complicated but it really isn’t, don’t think a lot about it and just do as you feel is necessary and so that the plants are not over-watered.

When you are watering your plants a good tip is to also lift the foliage of the plants when you are pouring the water so you get the water only on the soil and not the leaves of the plant. watering-palnts-uner-soilAnd when you water don’t also dump a lot of the water on the soil but slowly flood the soil of the plants pot with water until the water starts to seep through the drainage hole of the pot. Then afterward I would suggest to wait for about 30 minutes so that the plants get the chance to soak up the water and then empty the remaining water from the saucer that the pot is placed on so that the plant doesn’t drown in the excess water.

And the last thing about watering your plants is that you should check the level of moisture of the plants soil every 3 to 4 days, because often with the changing light cycles, the distance the plants are from the light or simply plant growing the plants can start to need more water and then you might need to increase the watering from one time a week to two or three times a week. So instead of making your Saturdays or Sundays your plant watering days, check in with the plants and let them tell you when they need water.

Even though drowning the plants might cause the plants to not take up enough oxygen, drying them out is just as bad if not worse, so keep your plants well taken care of by keeping their soil moist and draining excess water from pot saucers so the plants can get the oxygen, nutrients and all other components they need to really grow and flourish.