In the last couple of years eco-friendly has become the norm of most things from clothing, to hygiene products and cosmetics to of coarse food because people are starting to recognize the importance of living more eco-friendly lives and trying to preserve our earth without damaging it further. And one of ways you can contribute to this eco-friendly goal is to grow your own food – vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices. But since outdoors gardening in most climates is not possible all year around because in the winter the temperatures outside drop and the earth is clad with snow and ice, try indoors gardening using T5 grow lights, that will let you continue gardening even when it is freezing outside.

Maybe not everyone agrees that indoors gardening with T5 grow lights is considered eco-friendly but it is and let me tell you why. For T5 fixtures to be able to work they need to be supplied with electricity. grow-vegetables-indoors-gardenBut because nowadays we are able to collect renewable energy and we don’t have to destroy our earth’s natural resources to get power we are also able to supply the T5 lights with renewable energy. And if they work on this energy and more so grow you food and new plants then you are preserving the planet not only by not harming the environment by not buying food in grocery stores too. Although it seems too simple to create indoors garden and to start growing your own plants, lucky for us simple is enough as even the simplest things help our environment.

One more thing you can do is to not throw away all your kitchen waste but to create a compost heap for it. This can help you in two ways. Firstly by starting your compost in a sunny area you will reduce the amount of waste you send to your local landfill which will reduce the amount of poisonous gasses that these landfills create each year. And secondly you will also be able to create your own natural and organic fertilizer. Especially indoors gardens need extra minerals to help them grow because they aren’t getting the food they need from their natural habitats so this self-made fertilizer will be the perfect thing to help your veggies and herbs thrive indoors. Moreover you will also save quite a bit money because let me tell you good fertilizers aren’t cheap but because you are creating your own fertilizer from your waste you won’t have to pay for it and it will be much better than any store bought fertilizer could ever be.

solar-batteries-on-the-roofAnd lastly if you want to go full on eco-friendly you can even install some solar panels on your roof or on your property and power your grow lights using these solar panels. This way you will be sure that the fluorescent grow lights don’t use any of your electricity making your electricity bills smaller and that the lights (with the help of the solar panels) are fully self-sustaining. And what better way to be truly eco-friendly than growing your own food with T5 grow lights that use only the energy that they get from the sun?