Temperatures outdoors have started to dip below what plants are comfortable with, which means that most gardeners probably are starting or have already started their indoors gardens. But if you belong to the former group of indoors plant growers who are still thinking about what to grow in their indoors set-ups and haven’t planted their seeds yet, then let me help you make the decision a little bit easier by telling you about the vegetables and fruits that are great for indoors growing, since we have already covered the best herbs and spices to grow under T5 lamps.


Lettuces are by far the easiest to grow in an indoors setting and especially under T5 grow lights, since they don’t require a lot of care and will grow quickly. In fact, any leafy green, like spinach and kale will grow rapidly when grown under grow lights.

Rveggies-under-t5-lightsadishes, too, are quite easy to grow both outdoors and inside, but the additional sunlight that they will get from the grow lights and the warm indoors environment will only make them thrive and the plants will produce big, juicy veggies.

Tomatoes also can be grown indoors under grow lights. Believe it or not but these otherwise pretty hard to grow vegetables, that are staple in many kitchens and used year around, acclimates to the warm indoors environment quickly, and will love the warm-season-like conditions that T5 lamps will provide them.

Bell pepper, too, are great for indoors growing. If they can be grown on a windowsill with limited light conditions and turn out great, then give them additional artificial light and warm conditions and you will not only get healthy but also big bell peppers, that can be added to many different dishes.

And cucumbers will also turn out awesomely if grown under grow lights. They, much like tomatoes, love summery, sunny environments, and they will be fairly easy to care for, as long as you give them enough water and nutrients to develop the cucumbers themselves.


Blueberries are one of the first fruits that I think of when it comes to growing fruits under grow lights indoors. It is mainly because they are bushy plants that don’t grow too big, therefore won’t take up that much space in you indoors garden, but also because they usually produces blueberries for quite long time and will most likely outlast any other fruits.

strawberries-in-potStrawberries are another fruit like plant that do well under grow lights and produce sweet, juicy berries. Because strawberries don’t need very humid environment, they will take to an indoors garden environment very well, but the artificial light will give them the sunlight they need to grow and mature.

Dwarf apples will be perfect to grow under T5 grow lights for anyone who love to eat apples but don’t want to buy them in store. These plants grow into a short tree, so although they might not be the best idea to grow in a really small space, if you can give the apple tree a larger pot, a bit of vertical growing space and a grow light to keep it nice and sunny, then you should have your very own apple tree to keep the doctor away.

Finally kiwis and pineapples will be the perfect fruits to grow under T5 lamps for anyone who likes the challenge of growing a little more exotic fruits. They will require more care and you will need to read up on them, but, believe me, the end result will totally justify the hard work.