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You have probably heard that T5 grow lights are pretty widely used amongst marijuana growers, but T5 grow lights can also be used as great lights for any other plant growing especially to grow different spices. So here is a constellation of different plants and spices that are most commonly grown under T5 lights.

The first plant that comes in mind that is very often grown under artificial lighting, especially T5 lighting, is tomatoes. For these plants a full spectrum grow lights are generally used, so if you combine 6500 Kelvin and 3000 Kelvin bulbs in one light fixture your tomatoes should be happy and should grow very rapidly. With tomatoes the most efficient bulb count to one plant ratio is about two bulbs for one plant. That should provide enough light for tomatoes so that they can produce great yields.

Another very popular plant that is commonly grown under large T5 grow lights is basil. Since it is a spice it doesn’t need that much light, but in the winter, when it is light outside for pretty short period of time, the  artificial lighting is still needed. Keep the plants under the grow light for 10 to 12 hours and then turn the light off. You can also use a timer. This way your plants will not only grow faster but will be much healthier as they will think that it is summertime instead of winter or autumn. The same way you can grow also dills, rosemary or event fresh mint for healthy herbal tea.

Plants that also can be grown under artificial lighting are chili peppers or bell peppers. For many people these two plants are their favorite way how to spice their food, so why not do it all year round and with freshly plucked, self-grown ingredients. Because peppers are pretty easy to grow, they will thrive under simple 6500 Kelvin bulbs. One thing you need to remember when growing any kind of peppers under T5 lights is to keep their canopies two to four inches from the light source to give them the most light without burning the plants.

And lastly any kind of flowers or house plants can benefit from T5 fixtures too. In autumn and winter the plants start to get weaker, their leaves brown or yellow and they often don’t have enough sunlight to keep healthy and beautiful. But if you want your house plants to be green and healthy all 12 months, put them under artificial lights. Even a couple of hours of additional lights besides the little daylight they will get from winter sun will benefit their growth and will keep them in shape to flourish.

These are only a couple of suggestions that you can take into consideration as to how T5 grow lights can help all those different plants. In truth you really can grow any kind of plants under T5 fixtures, you just need to determine the best light cycle and amount of light that particular plant needs. If you figure that out you can grow cucumbers, lettuce, orchids or even palms on your windowsills or counter-tops.