Pests can be a big problem to you and your plants no matter whether you grow them outdoors or indoors, and although outdoors plants many times are more exposed to different kind of pests and bugs, indoors plants can suffer as bad as their outdoors counterparts. So in this article I offer you a list with a few of the most common and popular types of pests that are found on house plants, and also how to get rid of these pests to get your plants healthy again.

Spider mites

One of the most common pests that can appear seemingly out of nowhere are Spider mites. Spider mitesThey resemble a tiny, tiny spiders that are crawling on your plants leaves, hence the name of these pests. Some of the symptoms that will indicate that Spider mites have taken over your plants are that they can cause plant leaves to take on a mottled look and appear dusty underneath, and in some cases you can even see spider like webs stretching between the plants leaves. What is an efficient treatment for these pests? If you want a more natural option you can try and clean the plants thoroughly with soap water, but if that doesn’t help then try washing the plants with insecticidal soap. Also I would recommend to keep the air in the room you keep your plants in humid to prevent Spider mite recurrence.


MealybugsAnother common pests seen on house plants or plants that are grown indoors are Mealybugs. The so called symptoms you will see if there are Mealybugs on your plants are little cotton like balls on the steams, leaf axils or root system that actually are the bugs or their eggs and yellowing leaves that are covered with secretions. A good treatment against Mealybugs is water and rubbing alcohol. Combine 7 parts water with 1 part rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spry the plant thoroughly or you can even dab all of the little white cotton like balls with cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol for more efficient solution.


AphidsThese pests will show up on the plants like green or even black round-bodied and translucent insects that are clustered together on a new growth. The leaves of the plants might start to yellow or become covered with secretions as well. If that is the case and your plants suffer from Aphids try washing your plants with a cloth that is dipped into soap water or use insecticidal soap to quickly and effectively get rid of Aphids.

Scale insects

And Scale insects too are quite common for indoors plants. They create symptoms like shell or scale-like bumps on plant leaves and stems, and plants often turn yellow and start to become covered with secretions. The most efficient treatment to these pests is to either to dip an old toothbrush into soap water and try to scrape off all the shells or use an insecticidal soap to get rid of these pests.

I hope this short list of most common indoors house plant pests ant treatments against them are helpful to you and will let you get rid of these pests quickly and efficiently.