• Wattage: 324 watts
  • Lumen output: 24,000 lumens
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Super-reflective ballast
  • Durable construction
  • Cool operation
  • 6,500 K bulbs included
  • Daisy-chain option
  • Double switch

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This T5 grow light is manufactured and distributed by a company whose name means a thousand millions – Milliard. This brand has been manufacturing many different gardening equipment since 2009 so even though Milliard is not the oldest of companies it still has values and standards of strong family-owned company, offering a wide range of different products.


If you are searching for a good, efficient grow light that combines high lumen output, bright light, durability and a variety of different useful features then this T5 fixture is for you. This light will consume in total of 324 watts but will output a minimum of 24,000 lumens of powerful and bright light that will help your plants to develop and grow without growing your electricity bill.

319SJvDZWzLSome of the features in addition to efficiency that will only benefit you for example are the fact that this fixture have a double switch meaning you can chose to turn on or off only two or four of the bulbs at one time giving you more growing and energy saving options, the daisy-chain ability of this fixture which you can use to expand your garden and the fact that this fixture operates cool and will be cool to touch even after long stint of working thanks to the new design and technology of the light.

Reflector & ballast

This Milliard grow light fixture is made up from only the best components meaning that the reflector and ballast that are used in this fixture are only of top quality. The reflector is a super-reflective reflector unit that will direct all rouge light back to the plants giving them the best illumination and therefore the most light. But the ballast that is in this T5 grow light is an electronic ballast that will regulate the power flow in the light and will allow the light to start quickly and without a hitch.


The bulbs that come with this fixture have the color temperature of 6,500 Kelvins, meaning that they will give out the perfect natural sun rays imitating light to help your plants with growing. But if you wish you can replace a few or all bulbs with 3,000 Kelvin bulbs that will cater to plans that are in their flowering stages of growth.

Housing & design

This T5 unit is made so it’s not only efficient and powerful, providing plants with the best light but also so it is durable and stylish. This grow light will be perfect as an indoors greenhouse or grow operation light, because it is manufactured so that it can function in any conditions and it is safe to operate even in the smallest of spaces. And the design of the fixture features a white rectangular housing that will blend in well in any environment.


Although this light packs a number of great features and durable design it still manages to be compact in its size. This grow light is 50 inches in length, 19.6 inches in width and 4.8 inches in height (127 cm x 49.78 cm x 12.19 cm). And it weighs only about 20.2 lbs. (9.16 kg) so it will be easy to hang and transport it if necessary.