• AquaticLife_8feet_8bulb_fixtureWattage: 192 watts
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Digital timer
  • Individual reflectors
  • Steel housing
  • 2 meter power cord
  • 4 ballasts
  • 12 month warranty

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This 24 inch T5 grow light is manufactured by Aquatic Life LLC which is aquarium and gardening light and equipment manufacturer. Although the first products under Aquatic Life name were produced only in 2008 the owners of the company have more than 40 years of experience in aquarium maintenance and retail, so the this company combine experience and novelty in the best way possible to create innovative, qualitative and all around great products.


Aquatic Life LLC has created a qualitative, high-performance light fixture, that will work great I any setting. This 24 inch T5 grow light will be great for beginners as well as experts, because although it has features that are easy to operate and control, they also are sophisticated enough to be useful even for those who want to use these lights commercially. The housing of this light is very ergonomic yet looks very modern so will go fit in any interior and the characteristics like the reflectors and ballasts are made for the best materials to not only work great but also be long-lasting.

The fixture have rare features such as triple-seal silicone endcaps that eliminate the need of light covers because they protect not only the lamp pins but also the wires. And the manufacturer also provide a 2 meter long power cord that will make it possible to use the light in many different environments. But the similarity and timelessness of the light fixture and the manufacturer shines through the wattage this light will consume – 192 watts and the voltage it requites which is 120 volts. So this fixture truly is a mixture of the best of newer technologies and well-tried machinery.


This fluorescent grow light have a housing that is made out of industrial grade steel and afterward powder-coated black, to provide not only sleek and simple exterior but to also prolong the life of the housing for it to serve your for many years without getting rusty of otherwise damaged. Moreover the housing has an open face yet compact design that will help with the cooling of the light, so it won’t get hot even after extensive operation. And it also features four black legs and a blue timer display that will make it easy to use the digital timer feature and control each of the two sets of four lamps.


This T5 lighting fixture has a unique feature of each of the bulbs having an individual parabolic reflector made from 95% reflective material. With these kind of reflectors they will maximize the light that the plants placed under the light will get by directing all of the output light back to the plants.


Ballasts that this 8 bulb light fixture have are four separate electronic ballasts that will make sure that not only the light can work to its maximum capacity, but each of the 8 light bulbs will shine brighter and therefore give the plants that are under this light brighter and much more powerful light.


The lights dimensions measuring it without the frame mounts that come with the light, are 23.9 inches to 17.8 inches to 3.2 inches in height and the product will weight 14.60 lbs or 6.62 kilograms.


Because the light is not overly massive or heavy it can be easily mounted in few different positions. The adjustable frame mounts and metal clips that come with the fixture will allow you to hang the fixture over any kind of grow operation or aquarium, but the metal clips will hold the fixture securely in place, not allowing it to move or ever fall out of its mounts.


If you decide o buy this fixture if will come with 8 different T5 bulbs that will create a unique mix of color temperatures. Among these 8 bulbs will be 5 bulbs that will emit blue light with the color temperature of 420 to 460 nanometers, then there will be 2 bulbs that will give out purple colored light and have the wavelengths of 460 to 620 nanometers and the last bulbs will emit white light with the color temperature of 10,000 Kelvins. But if you wish you can also buy any other T5 2 feet grow light bulbs and replace the bulbs that come with the fixture.