Apollo Horticulture is a well known brand in the field of indoor lighting and hydroponic supplies as this company has become one of the dominant players in HID light systems for the past decades but since the technologies are changing this company has been innovating and creating various different products like LED diode powered lights as well as fluorescent lights like this 2 feet 8 bulb T5 fixture.

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This Apollo Horticulture 8 bulb 2 feet T5 grow light has the dimensions of 23 inches x 24 inches x 2 inches (58 cm x 61 cm x 5 cm) and that means that this light is a very low profile and it also is not that wide or long if you consider other 4 feet fluorescent lights. The fixture itself is made from high strength metal and that ensures that there will be no heat related problems like bending or burning. At both sides of this light there are two louvers that allow the excess heat to dissipate evenly and will cool those 8 bulbs so they remain in the optimal efficiency temperature and maximize their light output as well as lifespan. The whole fixture is held together with 8 screws on the sides as well as 6 screws at the top so it will be very sturdy and durable in the long run. There are also two light switches on one side that allow you to turn on only half of the bulbs if you want to lower the light output for some smaller plants or seedlings as well as alternate between flowering and vegetative growth bulbs.

This grow light is also made with secular aluminum to allow it to reflect up to 95% of the total light created by those bulbs and because these aluminum reflectors are created in half circle forms they direct all the light downward giving your plants up to 3 times more light that they would receive if there were no reflectors at all. The bulb position is also crucial as the manufacturer has aligned these T5 bulbs in just the right angle and separated them so there are small gaps where they can cool off by the air circulation in the room but still provide very strong and penetrating light that will allow you to grow any plants you want.

The total power consumption of this fixture is 192 Watts and that is not that much if we compare it to incandescent light bulbs as this fixture will give off around 16000 to 20000 lumens depending on the those T5HO bulbs that you put into the fixture. This means that this Apollo Horticulture T5 grow light creates at least 83 lumens per watt efficiency. That is a really great number considering that T5 light can give you up to 20000 hour work time.

This light can be mounted horizontally or vertically and that will not influence the lumen output or bulb lifespan like it is in HID bulbs that can be mounted only in one direction. And that means that overall this T5 fixture is a really great bargain considering the low cost, efficiency and convenience of use as well as cheap replacement bulbs!