If you are searching for a grow light that will be efficient and bright but cool at the same time, limiting the chance of you plants getting heat damage, then this ViaVoltTM 4 feet 4 bulb T5 fixture will be just in time.


  • Lumen output: 20,000 lumens
  • Wattage: 216 watts
  • Bulb color temperature: 6,400 Kelvin
  • Housing: steel
  • Reflector: aluminum
  • Ballast: Electronic
  • Warranty: 1 year

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This 44 ViaVoltTM fluorescent T5 fixture have features that will make your growing process easy and painless. The fixture emits 20,000 lumens of bright blue spectrum light that will be great for your plants while they are growing, but for these lumens the watt consumption of this light will be 216 watts per hour – 54 watts per each of the 4 feet long bulbs. These stats are not only great from the power stand point of the light but they also mean that your light will be very economical and you won’t have to pay astronomical sums of money each month just for growing some plants under a T5 light. The light have dual power switches, meaning that you can turn on or of two bulbs at the time, giving you the ability to mix and match bulbs ar use only half of the bulbs if you garden becomes smaller. And the T5 also come with a hanging kit in which 2 chrome hangers are included, that allows you to hang it 3 different ways – overhead, horizontally or vertically, and a 7 feet power cord that allows you to place the light even quite far away from any electricity outlet.


The housing of this T5 fixture is made out of steel, which means that it will endure many different conditions, while still being light enough so that you can lift it easily and mount it to your designated spot. The housing also features 8 louvers and slots that will greatly help with the heat distribution and make sure that no heat is building up right under the housing of the light, that can damage you plants and stom their growth.


The reflector of this light, which is located on the inside of the lights housing, is made out of highly reflective aluminum, meaning that it will reflect back most of the light to the plants, which otherwise would be lost.


The ballast too is top grade. The manufacturers of this fixture installs only the best electronic ballasts into their fixtures, so that the electricity current of the light don’t fluctuate, which can result in hot spots of lost lumens.


The bulbs that come with the T5 fixture itself have the color temperature of 6,400 lumens meaning that they have the ideal color temperature for plants that are in the growing stages of their growth.


And lastly the dimensions of this light are 47 inches in length, 13.5 inches in width and 2.5 inches in height (119.38cm x 34.29cm x 6.35cm). And the fixture itself weights 14 lbs or 6.35 kg.