If you are a plant grower or just starting in this field and you use T5 light fixtures to provide an additional light to your plants so that they don’t get weak in the winter or so that they get light at all if you are growing your plants in a darker space, then you sooner or later will have to think about buying replacement T5 bulbs. Although with T5 fixtures it will be later, because they have long lifespan, it is still good to have replacements ready in case you need them. A good replacement option for any kind of 2 feet T5 fixture is the Triangle bulb F24 bulbs.

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These type of bulbs are manufactured by company called Triangle Bulbs that not only make their bulbs but distribute them directly to their customers. They are based in Brooklyn New York City so they are urban company that is able to produce the best products and provide best customer support.

114Arp0f+tLThese F24 bulbs are available in the largest variety of color spectrums from the regular and most common 6,500 Kelvin bulbs to 3,500 and 3,000 Kelvin bloom bulbs to even 4,100 Kelvin cool white bulbs, so you really can choose the right color temperature you need and still get a great deal on these bulbs.

Bulbs of all color temperatures have about 20,000 hour lifespan which is normal for T5 bulbs and means that after replacing your old bulbs you will be able to run your light fixtures for a long time without having the need to replace the bulbs again.

All color spectrum bulbs also consume 24 watts of electricity per each hour they are turned on, which although is the standard wattage for 2 feet T5 bulbs, still goes to show that they are efficient and great at their purpose.

The lumen output for those watts chewed up are said to be about 1,900 lumens. This number is only at the end of the bulbs life, because like all things with time they become little less efficient. But that means that at the start of the bulb lifespan of when you first purchase them their lumen count is much greater, probably about 2,000 lumens, and you will get more lumens per each burned watt.

These bulbs also feature the regular Bi-Pin also known as G5 socket that makes them compatible to all T5 fixtures. The dimensions of these bulbs are 22 inches in length, 3.7 inches in width and 1.5 inches in height (55 cm x 9 cm x 3.8 cm) or 0.625 inches (1.58 cm) in diameter and each bulb weighs only 1.3 pounds (0.5 kg).

And the customers who have already purchased these bulbs and use them daily have some great things to say about them, like: “They work great, last quite a while”, “These bulbs work as well and last just as long as the “name brands” I have used them for a few years now” and “VERY impressive, at only $5 a bulb this is great”.