t5 grow light growingT5 lights as you may know by now are very efficient light sources and you can get them in very different bulb and length configurations as well as get special bulbs for flowering as well as vegetative growth stages. This all means that you have many possible outcomes where you can use these lights starting from supplemental lighting to large scale industrial growing in greenhouses. Here will be some of the most common uses for these lights:

  • Supplemental lighting – Fluorescent grow lights are a great option if you need to give additional light to your plants weather it is in your grow room or to your house plants. These fixtures are usually low profile and will be very easy to mount anywhere you like for example they can be mounted on the sides of your grow room to penetrate your plant canopy and create even more growth from the same amount of space. The specific supplemental lighting conditions are your own choice but rest assured that these light will work wonderfully with great efficiency and light spread.
  • As the main light source – T5 light fixtures also come in 8 an 12 bulb configurations that are made especially to supply enough light to your plants so that there is no need for any additional light sources. These huge T5 fixtures are almost always able to give at least 30000 lumen output but because of the low profile they are very easy to hang up and will not take up a lot of space in your grow room. Because these tubes have great light spread they will give light to each and every leaf of your plants and so there will be an even growth among all of your plants or among all of the branches of one plant if you are growing something bigger than bell peppers.
  • Aquarium lighting – T5 lights are great for aquarium lighting as they are low profile and do not produce a lot of heat so they will give your underwater plants an even light spread. There are pre-made T5 fixtures specially designed for aquariums as they usually span the whole length of your fish tank. T5 light have great spectral output and you will be able to find specific bulbs that help your plants grow faster and stronger.
  • Growing plants all winter – In warmer climates T5 lights allow you to grow your plants trough the winter. These lights are efficient enough to run them all night long so that your plants will not start their flowering growth stage but will stay in that vegetative growth. This will allow you to get much bigger plants in the spring so they can really thrive in those summer months when  there is plenty of light and warmth to keep them growing. And as the winter comes and plants will naturally start their flowering light cycle you will be able to get much more yield from them as they had that earlier start.
  • Jumpstarting spring seedlings – And another way you can use T5 grow light fixtures is to jumpstart your spring seedling. This way can later plant them outside much bigger and stronger so that they create much more yield and don’t die off if the temperature plummets a bit. Jumpstarting crops inside on the windowsills for your home garden is common practice but with these T5 light fixtures you can do it much faster and more efficiently and won’t let your plants stretch out in that weak spring sunlight.
  • Industrial scale growing – similarly to using T5 lights as your main light source you can also use them for industrial plant growing all year long. Because they are very efficient these lights will be able to provide enough light all year round so you can supply your local community with fresh fruits or vegetables all year round. Best T5 lights come in a lot of configurations and as they get longer their efficiency increases so it would be wise to use the biggest grow light fixtures available and get even more out of that electricity that you will burn.