One of the most sought after T5 fixtures is 4 feet 8 bulb Sun Blaze fixture because it is not only extremely efficient in terms of both energy consumption and lumen output, but it also features a great design that is durable, compact and suited for any grow area.

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The watt consumption for this light is 432 watts per each hour the light is burned, and the light turns those watts into 40,000 lumen bright lights, that your plants can use to grow and give you considerably larger yield.

Probably my favorite feature that can be seen on this particular fixture are 24 small louvers or slots that offer a way for built up heat to dissipate better and therefore there is no chance for your fixture to ever over heat or acquire any other heat related damages.

Sun Blaze 4 feet 8 bulb T5 lightAnother useful feature that is built into this fixture is dual on and off switch that lets you turn on or off only 4 of all 8 bulbs at a time, giving you much larger facilities. For example with one of these fixtures you can grow bigger or smaller gardens depending on how much bulbs you turn on, or you can even place different type of bulbs inside your fixture to not only grow but also flower plants with the same fixture.

Speaking of bulbs, this fixture comes with eight 6,500 Kelvin bulbs, that will be perfect for most of your plants life cycle, but if you want to specially treat the plants when they start to flower you can also buy 3,000 Kelvin bulbs so that your grow light turns into bloom light.

The housing of this fixture is made from steel so it is very durable but lightweight at the same time, and it is also powder coated with much sleeker and nicer design, so that you can even incorporate this grow light into your house décor.

Additionally you can daisy chain a few of similar fixtures together and power them all from one electricity outlet for easy way to expand you garden. And things like ballast, reflectors and hanging kit are top notch quality, which means that you can be sure that your fixture will last you a long time and will be easy to hang up and operate.

The size of this fixture is 47.75 to 22.5 to 2.675 inches (121.285 cm x 57.15 cm x 7.023 cm) and it weighs about 29 pounds (13kg), which for this large of fixture is not a lot.

And to convince you even more that you need this fixture, here are only some of the positive reviews it has reviewed from satisfied customers: “I am 100% satisfied with both the quality of the product and the seller” and “Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase”.