T5 fixtures have now become a common thing because many plant growers use them to supply light to their plants even in setups where otherwise it is impossible. The regular T5 lights are with simple housings but with great lumen to watt ratios, but this fixture is something innovative and different. This VHO light have a new design that lets it cool and therefore be more efficient than any other light.

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The manufacturers – Sunlight Supply Incorporated – have done a great job with their Solar Wind brand light, because they have implemented a unique design to the lights housing that discharges most of the heat made by the light through a specially made air-cooling vent that is located on top of the housing. This vent will keep the light cool, which will allow the fixture operateing to its fullest capacity. And because the heat will be discharged the light won’ t have to work harder therefore it won’t generate any additional heat or consume more power.

Because this light indeed is a very high output or VHO T5 fixture, it has a higher lumen output than a regular HO fixtures. This Solar Wing light is able to give out up to 28,800 lumens worth of light that will benefit your plants greatly. But in return for those lumens the wattage that this light consumes is 380 watts of electricity. If we would calculate the lumen to watt ratio we would get an  astonishing 75.78 lumens per each watt the fixture consumes.

The housing that hosts the bulb as well as grow light industries first air cooling vent is made out of heavy duty steel with a powder coated white finish that gives it an industrial but clean feel and will fit in with any interior. But the wire hangers that come with the lamp and will make it easy to hang it up, gives the fixture that light look and won’ t overwhelm the room it is hung in.

The shape of the light is rectangular, but it is also quite flat for a T5 light making it compact so that it won’t take up a lot of space in your grow room. Although the edges of the light are sharp they only attribute to the clean feel of the light. And white colored housing is in stark contrast with the dark and metallic inside of the light, which is like that largely thanks to the reflectors as well as VHO bulbs.

In addition the fixture have a reflector that is made out of aluminum and won’t let any light go to waste. The ballast of the fixture too is electronic and solid, to keep the electric flow to the bulbs steady. And there is an option to purchase VHO bulbs of any kind to put into this fixture, so that it is specially tailored to your plants or garden.