t5 badboy 8 feetQuantum 7101 T5 BadBoy light fixture is a 4 feet 8 bulb T5 grow light that uses the latest technological advancements to give any indoor gardener the capabilities to grow their plants effectively and with style. BadBoy grow light fixtures are made by Quantum that is a Hydrofarm brand and is designed especially for premium products like this bulb fixture.

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Quantum 7101 fixture is one of the best T5 grow light fixtures out there with that fold-able design that will allow you to easily transport this grow light to any location and mount it together in just a couple of minutes. When mounted this fixture will have the dimensions of 46.25 inches x 24 inches x 3.5 inches (117,4 cm x 61 cm x 8,9 cm) and it weighs only 14.5 pounds (6,5 kg) so for a fixture with this kind of light output and size these are very acceptable numbers.

Quantum has created this light completely from aluminum and it is held together with 10 screws at both ends but it can be mounted with those two wire hangers at the top that allow you to position this light in a horizontal or vertical position. The fixture is made with many louvers to allow the cold air to rush in and heated one from all those bulbs to be easily vented out so there are no major heat or ventilation problems with this grow light. At the bottom there is an aluminum reflector that is covered with glass to give you up to 95% reflection which will allow you to get even better growth from your plants. These reflectors are also spaced out in an unique patter to give your plants more light and to allow your garden to get better light spread  and more uniform light.

This BadBoy T5 fluorescent grow light consumes about 432 Watts of electricity and 38 Amperes so it will give some additional spikes in your energy bill. But from that power input the light that comes out is 28% more effective than any other comparable T5 grow light. That is because Quantum has partnered with Fulhram and uses their RaceHorce 7 ballasts that will give you this additional 28% power output from the same power output as other 4 feet 8 bulb fixtures do.

This fixture will work with all 54 Watt T5 High Output bulbs but Quantum has created unique grow light bulbs that come with the fixture and that have more efficient light output that is designed especially for plant growth. These bulbs use Tri-Phosphor technology that allows them to create better Photosinthetically Active Radiation and grow plants better giving them more usable light than any other T5 light.

Overall I think Quantum has done a really great job with this 8 bulb 4 feet T5 grow light but what concerns me is the price as it is much higher than any competitors. If what Quantum states that these fixtures make 28% more light from the same power input is correct then it is really worth that money but if it is just a marketing trick then I doubt that this has that much additional value. But apart from the price this is by far the best T5 grow light and it will definitely be more convenient to use and grow your plants.