Hydrofarm JSV4 Jumpstart 4 feet fixture is a plant growth light designed for seedling and cutting growth as well as house plant growth acceleration. This jumpstart fixture will give you around 5000 lumen output and will consume just 54 Watts from that one T5 fluorescent bulb. That equates to 92,5 lumens per watt efficiency and that is a very high number as usually CFL lights have only 50 lumen per watt efficiency.

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This grow light fixture/stand measures 31 inches x 18 inches x 50 inches (78,4 cm x 45,7 cm x 127 cm) so it is a fairly small fixture and it weighs less than 10 pounds (4,5 kg) so it will be easy to transport and it is also foldable so that you are able to put it away when you don’t need it. This JSV4 grow light fixture is made from high strength metal and coated with green paint and some Hydrofarm Logo’s. At the top where the legs meet the floor there are 4 plastic mounts what will keep that metal leg from scraping your floor or table top. And then there is that overhead bar that holds those wires that in fact hold up your grow bulbs. There are two wires attached to that grow light reflector and that means you can lower and move up this whole light with ease and as the manufacturer state “Feather-touch height-adjustment mechanism”.

This reflector and bulb combo that is hanged on those threads is a 4 feet 6500K grow light bulb enclosed in metal housing and covered with highly reflective material. This housing is quite wide so you will get much better light diffusion and that means more growth area beneath the lamp. The fixture also has a glass cover so thata plants would not touch the bulb and get some heat damages which means that you will be able to lower this light right down there with those young plants or seedlings or keep it just an inch away from your humidity dome if you are creating cuttings.

This Whole fixture is powered by your regular 120 V outlet from a 6 feet (1.8 m) power chord that also has an On/Off switch on it that allows you to easily control the light for your plants. Hydrofarm gives one year limited warranty on the bulb and the fixture itself and they also state that the whole fixture has a CRI(Color Rendering Index) of 82 so it will give clear colors and will not skew colors like many other HID and Incandescent bulbs.