• Easy assembly
  • Internal reflector
  • Toggle clamp for easy height adjustments
  • Size: 2 feet
  • Wattage: 24 W
  • 20% higher lumen output
  • 6,400 Kelvin bulb insluded
  • 6 feet power cord

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This Hydrofarm jump start T5 grow light system is the perfect light to grow any plants from flowers to house plants and can be used for seedlings and cuttings too, because it has great lumen output that produces around 20 % more lumens than any other regular grow light would meaning that the plants that will be placed under this light will get more lumens and therefore more light to thrive from. But higher lumen output doesn’t equal higher wattage, because this grow light will chew up only 24 watts of electricity and will run cool even after extensive usage. Easy assembled, easy adjusted and easy used grow light system for any plant.


The frame of this system is made from powder coated metal, meaning that the frame will be sturdy and durable. Moreover it is not only solid but easily assembled, the set-up of this system takes only about 5 to 10 minutes and later you can adjust the height of the lamp by simply pulling it higher or lower thanks to the toggle clap feature.


The reflector of the light is made out of highly reflective material that will direct all of the light back to your plants, preventing any light losses. The reflector is internally built into the housing of the grow light and therefore is lightweight but efficient.


The system already comes with a full daylight spectrum 2 feet High Output T5 bulb, meaning that its color temperature will be 6,400 Kelvins and it will be ideal for plants that are in their vegetative growth stages.


This jump start system is 24 inches high, 18 inches wide and 26 inches long (60.96 cm x 45.72cm x 66.04cm). And it weighs about 5 pounds or so (2.26kg).


All those who have purchased this Hydrofarm system and use it on daily bases have nothing but good things to say about this JSV2 system:

“This is not a complex system, it is simple and efficient.” (M. Yates)

“Very little heat output, but great light source. Totally see a noticeable change in how my little plant starts are doing!” (Nancy Rollins)

“I just purchased this item and love it! The size is perfect and the quality is very good. The light fixture functions very well and is easy to adjust. This is a great value, easy to put together and should serve me well.” (Morris Ramsey)