• 2 feet long
  • High Output bulbs
  • Electricity consumption: 24 watts
  • Light output: 2,000 lumens
  • Color temperature: 6,400 Kelvin
  • 1 year warranty

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The manufacturer of these bulbs is a company by the name of Hydrofarm. They are one of the largest companies in T5 grow light manufacturing as well as one on the best, because over the years they have developed several different brands, that each cater to different customers and different needs. These Hydrofarm bulbs in particular are their replacement bulbs that are affordable yet made with the best craftsmanship quality.


Every T5 grow light fixture needs bulbs for them to work, because the bulbs are part of fixture that actually give out light and therefore help plants to grow. These replacement bulbs are suitable for any 2 feet T5 High output grow light fixture. 7659_24584Each of these short bulbs will consume 24 watts of power for each hour it is burned which is the regular power consumption. And in return the bulbs will give out 2,000 lumen bright light for plants to consume. The small energy consumption also means that the bulbs won’t get hot even after being turned on for a long time, they will be warm to touch at most, so with these replacements you won’t have to worry about heat buildup or getting burned by one of the bulbs. The light will be of 6,400 Kelvin color temperature, which is great for plants that are in their vegetative stages of their growth. But there also are options of purchasing bulbs with different color temperatures for you to be able to tailor the bulbs to your grow operation not the other way around.


These bulbs are compatible with any 2 feet long T5 High Output (HO) grow light fixture, because they are of standard size and power output, but they will go best with any of the fixtures manufactured or distributed by Hydrofarm such as EnviroGro, Hydrofarm, AgroSun, Generam Electrics and so on.


Each of this Hydrofarm 2 feet bulb is 5 eights of an inch in diameter, 1,8 inches or 2 feet long and weighs about 7.8 ounces (221 grams), so they are slim, lightweight but powerful bulbs.