• Fixture wattage: 432 watts
  • Voltage: 120 VCapture
  • Aluminum reflectors
  • Unique bulbs spacing
  • Built in hanging wire
  • Multiple hanging options
  • Daisy-chain option
  • 1 year warranty
  • Color: white

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The manufacturer of this light is a company that goes by the name of Hydro Crunch. This is a US based company that operates out of city of Walnut, California. They are all about simplicity and quality, manufacturing and distributing hydroponic lights as well as light components to provide their clients with the best products for the best prices. And also Hydro Crunch offers excellent customer service and discreet shipping.


This quality T5 fixture is one that most T5 grow light users have been searching for, because this light fixture combines light quality, energy efficient, easy mounting and great design in one simple High Output T5 fixture that is responsibly priced and will be delivered to you in short amount of time.

This light fixture will produce very bright and powerful light while consuming only a total of 432 watts for all 8 of the 4 feet long bulbs. The thing about this T5 light is that Hydro Crunch has developed a special and unique lamp spacing for the bulbs, that will provide maximum coverage and the best light distribution to help the light do even more for the plants that are placed under it.

Additionally this light can be Daisy Chained with up to three similar lights meaning that you can expand your grow operation simply and effortlessly. And since the light don’t produce a lot of heat it won’t heat up even the smallest grow room as well as won’t burn the plants as long as no plant is toughing the bulbs.

Reflector and ballast

This T5 fixture come equipped with a 95% reflective aluminum reflector that will reflect almost all of the light that shines form the lights back to the plants giving them the lumens and power they need to grow tall and wide. But the ballast that is placed inside this fixture is an electronic ballast that will control the power flow of the light, making sure that there are no shortages or no power buildups, efficiently preventing any hot spots from developing.


This fixture comes with eight 6,500 Kelvin bulbs included with the purchase that will be perfect for plants that are going into their vegetating stages of growth, because the 6,500 K color temperature promotes plant growth. But if you wish you can purchase bulbs of other color temperatures and place them in this fixture, as long as they are HO T5 bulbs in 4 feet length.

Dimensions and design

This Hydro Crunch T5 light fixture is compact completed with sturdy yet sophisticated design. The fixture in size is 47 by 22 by 2 inches (119.38 x 55.88 x 5.08 cm) making it thin and long, yet with its weight at 29.8 pounds (13.52 kg) it will hang in place and won’t be bothered by even the largest vibrations or harsh conditions. And the white square shaped housing will give off classical yet industrial feel that is perfect for any place in your home from basement to your living room.


Because he fixture is light and not big in its size, it will be easy to hang it up in place of your choosing. The fixture comes with built in hang wires, meaning you won’t have to attach any wires to the housing of the fixture and you will be easily able to hang the fluorescent fixture horizontally or vertically.