Do you have T8 or T12 lights but want to use the more efficient and cost effective T5 light bulbs with these fixtures? With retrofit technology you can install T5 lights in older light models and enjoy the benefits of T5 lights even with T8 or T12 grow light fixtures.

Although T5 lights for quite a few years now are one of the most popular type of grow lights, because before T5 lights there were older and bulkier models of the same light, nowadays many people at home have T8 or T12 lights and no bulbs to put in them. That is why lighting technology producers have taken one step further and designed a way for you to use your T8 or T12 light fixtures with T5 light bulbs.

The biggest difference between T5 and T8 or T12 bulbs is the bulb diameter size and the bulb base that fits together with the correct fixture. If T5 lights are tube shaped bulbs that are 5 eights of and inch in diameter, then T8 lights for example are tube lights that are 1 inch in diameter but T12 lights are 1 and a half inches in their diameter. The second difference is the bulb socket that is on these light bulbs. If the T5 lights have G5 bi-pin socket, that is quite standard for these kind of lights, then T8 and T12 lights have G13 bi-pin or single pin or recessed double contact sockets which means that you absolutely and no way can put T5 bulbs in fixtures that are meant for T8 or T12 bulbs.

kThe good news are that now there is technology called retrofit kit that lets you transform any T8 or T12 so that it can be fitted with T5 light bulbs. The way this technology works is that with the retrofit kit you can remove the old T8 or T12 lamps from their fixtures and install self ballasted T5 lamps into the T8 or T12 fixtures you already own, by installing T5 bulb compatible sockets in the T8 or T12 fixtures. And the best thing is that it is not hard at all. I will basically be the same as simply putting in regular bulbs into a fixture.

The retrofit technology can be a huge game changer for anybody that already owns T8 or T12 lights but want to use them with more economic bulbs and not pay so much money for electricity. Also if you chose to use the retrofit technology you will save a lot of money not only because of the much less electricity the T5 fixture will consume, but also because the retrofit kit itself is very inexpensive and easy to install.