Garland Grow ligh garden
Sun Blaster Grow light garden is a T5 grow light system designed for seedling growth as well as all winter spice and smaller vegetable gardening. With this fixture you will be able to prolong the growing season and get fresh veggies like salads all year long. Underneath the lid there are two 24 W T5 grow light bulbs. It has a combined power input of 44 Watts and the light gives out 6400K color spectrum lights that is very suitable for seedling as well as vegetative growth.

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The whole fixture has the dimensions of 24,4 inches x 15,7 inches x 18,5 cm (62cm x 40cm x 47cm) so it is not a very big fixture but the total vertical growth can be up to 15 inches (38 cm) so you will be able to grow your crops in an acceptable growth space. This grow light is specially designed for varying size plants as that top bulb fixture can be raised and lowered so you can position it just in the right height from your plants to cover them all but to also give them the strongest light possible.

This grow garden uses T5 grow lights that have an expected lifespan of at least 10000  hours and this device is also fitted with high strength digital ballasts so there will be no buzzing and they will give you much better efficiency than those old style magnetic ballasts. The whole light fixture is manufactured using high strength aluminum so there will be no breaks and it is a fairly strong light. The size of this light is made exactly so that you can set it up on your kitchen counter or any other place where you need a constant supply or fresh salads or spices.

This light also comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty and there are also 4 growing trays included that will ensure you a great growth. For drainage there are two layer drainage cells that will not allow your plants to be completely soaked and will give you an easy growing set up. This light can be easily assembled at home within 30 minutes and it has a black finish paint job that will give it a great aesthetic feel and it will not stand out in any environment and be just like any appliance. If you use this light properly you can grow various crops in it starting from salads to dills and other spices and you can usually even save money on them as those two T5 lights will not need that much electricity but a fresh organically grown plants will be very valuable and healthy.