After cold, dark winter days when spring arrives nature wakes up, brightens and blooms in front of our eyes. It is also the time of the year when our gardens should be taken care of in order to get them ready for upcoming spring and summer seasons. In order to have a beautiful and flourishing spring garden, we should clear out, fertilize, moisturize and take good care of your garden and plants, therefore I will be discussing few spring gardening tips that could help you out in order to have a wholesome garden.

Spring gardening tips

The first of spring gardening tips are, before starting any another job, would be to clean out your spring garden. Get rid of weeds, old leaves and everything that has accumulated over the winter. All in all, firstly you need to get your garden ready for planting and make room for new plants.

After you have cleaned your garden, next gardening tips for spring would be to cultivate the soil. Freshen your garden up and get it ready for planting. The soil is most likely dried out and lost all it vitamins and vitality, therefore you have to moisturize it. Otherwise, your plants will be weak and dying. First, you need to plow the ground and then add moisture by adding compost or manure. You can even test soil in your garden to see exactly what vitamins and nutrition’s are needed for soil to be healthy, but if you are not very seriously involved in gardening, but only have it as a hobby, then it is not necessary at all.

spring gardening tipsBefore you start planting you should sort out the old plants. You should decide which plants you want to keep and which plants need to be discarded from your garden. For example, annual plants live only through one season, therefore, you will have to replace them. However, plenty of bushes and flowers live through several seasons and you can keep them if they are healthy. When you have decided which plants you want to keep, you have to prune them. Pruning your old plants is a must in the spring time and it involves removing dead or diseased parts of the plant. Also trimming your bushes and plants will make them healthier and livelier and allow them to grow and bloom faster.

When your garden is cleaned out, you have sorted out plants you already had and the soil is cultivated and moisturized, you can start planting and building your garden. It is advised, when choosing plants to go for perennials, rather than annuals, otherwise you will have to replant new plants every year. However, perennials last for several years and are a lot more durable against winter frosts and snow.

Also, you should do a little research on your plants to get garden ideas for spring. Because difference plants have different preferences, some like more sunlight, some enjoy the shade. Therefore you should consider the location of your garden and how much of a sunlight or shade it has, adjusting it to your plants. Otherwise, you will have a full garden of dying plants.

Last thoughts about spring garden tips

Overall, if you want to have a flourishing garden, which is blooming and healthy throughout summer time, you should approach gardening with serious attitude and do a little research before starting to plant. Above mentioned spring gardening tips and ideas will be helpful both for beginners and for those who are gardening for years. The more work you will put into your garden, the more beautiful it will turn out to be. And remember, gardening and plants need to be taken care of throughout the year, therefore even when you have planted and completed your garden, you still have to pay attention to your plants every day.