Recently I was inspired to think more about saving money and living frugally so I figured that I should do an article on how to grow plants on a budget because you don’t need all the fanciest equipment and the newest grow lights to be able to garden and grow strong and beautiful plants, you can do it by spending only a little money.

The first thing you have to remember here is that you although you need some equipment for gardening especially for indoors gardening because you will need some type of artificial light and possibly a indoors garden set up you can still do it on a budget because grow lights such as T5 grow light aren’t that expensive and you can get smaller models for well under 100 dollars and you can make the indoors gardening setup on your own not spending a dime. So don’t get discouraged by the expenses of having an indoors garden but needing a lot of money to achieve it.

Many think that indoors gardens are very expensive not only because you need to buy the equipment but also because they think that their electricity bill will be huge because of the grow lights that chew up more electricity. But the truth here is that if you have economical grow lights then you electricity bill will be only slightly larger. Many times indoors gardeners who use T5 grow lights say that the expenses for electricity haven’t changed that much even if they are working their grow lights for 16 or more hours each day which means that you don’t need to be afraid of suddenly having to pay enormous sums of money for your electricity.

Another aspect of T5 grow lights that speak of how they can help you garden on a budget is the fact that they are very long lasting. ob-budget-gardeningA T5 grow light on average have a lifespan of 20,000 hours meaning that even if you would burn the grow light 24 hours a day and 365 days a year you would still get more than 3 years’ worth of burning time out of your T5 bulbs without having to replace or exchange them. So when you are purchasing your T5 fixture and the bulbs that goes in it you are making an investment for 3 years. So you can divide the sum of the fixture and bulbs at least by 3 and see how much you are paying each year for the fact that you are able to grow fresh plants of spices, herbs, vegetables or flowers right inside of your home.

And lastly do you really can put a price on self-grown healthy food that you know doesn’t contain any chemicals and aren’t sprayed with different pesticides? Not only that but if you are growing your own plants you have the ability to take part in every part of plants life starting from picking the seeds which mind you aren’t very expensive too, to what you are using to help your plants grow to how you are harvesting your yield and then storing it for later use. So why not using this opportunity to live a little bit healthier, grow your own food and do it on a budget?