• Color temperature: 6,500K
  • Lifespan: 35,000 hours
  • Watt consumption: 54W
  • Lumen output: 4,500 lumens
  • Color Rendering Index: 85
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Base: G5

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EiKOThe manufacturer of these lights is EiKO Global, LLC who is one of the best lighting product manufacturers, producing many different lights including fluorescent grow lights. This manufacturer is trying to produce lighting, that is not only of good quality, but that also is innovative and unique. EiKO’s motto is “Selection. Solutions. Simplicity.” meaning, that they put all of these principles into every product they produce and into every action the do.


These T5 replacement bulbs are an amazing bulbs to use in any T5 grow light fixture that is 4 feet in length, because they are linear T5 4 feet long bulbs that consumes 54 watts of electricity each hour it is burned. But for these 54 burned watts the lights lumen output will rank up to 4,500 lumens, and thanks to the technology used in these bulbs, the light output will be stable and consistent all throughout the 4 feet of the bulb. And also the great lumen to watt ratio of these bulbs make them not only very powerful but also gives them great lifespan that is rated up to 35,00 hours even in constant usage.

The fact that these are T5 lights means not only that they are smaller and more powerful than for example T8 bulbs, but also that they have huge reduction in the amount of mercury that is into theses lights, because if T8 lights on average have about 3.5 milligrams of mercury in them, then these T5 lights have only about 2.7 milligrams of mercury, that reduces the bulb impact on environment and makes them more environmentally friendly.

The color rendering index for these T5 bulbs is about 85 which means that these bulbs will be able to show objects or plants that are placed under these bulbs in the most realistic and natural colors, making these bulbs also available to be used as general lighting in offices, warehouses or even in your home.


eiko_t5_replacenemt_bulbs_4-feetYou can use these light with a T5 fixture of any brand that is 4 feet long because of the universal G5 bulb bases. And although these replacement lights by themselves can be used only with T5 fixtures you can purchase the T5 retrofit Kit which will enable you to use these same lights in a T8 or T12 fixtures setup, which is advisable, because although T5 bulbs are smaller in diameter than T8 or T12 bulbs, they are capable of emitting at least twice as much light as the bigger lights can.

Color of the emitted light

The color of the light that these T5 bulbs will emit is warm white light that is perfect for plants that are in their flowering stages of the growth. The color temperature of the light will be 6,500 Kelvins although these are lights are available also in 3,000 Kelvin configuration.

Dimensions and design

These bulbs like all other T5 bulbs are 4 feet or about 1.2 meters in length and 5/8 of an inch or about 1.5 centimeters in diameter. The design of the bulbs is simple – white bulbs with silver bub bases and EiKO logo on the on side of the bulbs – so they will look good in any environment they are placed.