Growing plants are not only beneficial in terms of having fresh spices, vegetables, flowers or any other kind of plants you are goring, but it also gives you joy being able to grow plants from seed to yield and after enjoying the fruits of your labor. So I put together a short list of plants that are the easiest to grow from seed so you can start the growing process from the very seed and later see how your plants grow and develop.

Edible plants


One of the easiest edible plants to grow from seed is lettuce, because they don’t require special treatment, special soil or supplements. With lettuce you can mainly just plant lettuce seeds in your soil, water them once the soil is dry and see your lettuce grow.



Although basil can be categorized as spice, it still is an edible plant that is extremely easy to grow. Similarly to lettuce all you need to do is to plant the seeds in your soil, give the seeds enough light and water and later enjoy spicing up you food with basil.



The tasty vegetables called radishes too are very easy to grow from seed. First rid you soil from any rocks or sticks, break it up so it is loose and plant your seeds. Afterwards give it a good watering and see how your radishes sprout and grow. And because radishes are usually the first vegetables in the garden to be harvested, you will see a reward from your hard work very soon.



Another similar plant to radishes are carrots because they too are root plants and easy to grown. Clear your soil, loosen it and plant your carrot seeds in it about two feet apart from each other. Just make sure the soil is not too watery, because carrots don’t like soil that is too damp. Then once the carrots are big enough, you can enjoy them with the knowledge that you grew them yourself.



And for all those who like to add fresh peppermint to their food, drink it as tee or use for other purposes, peppermint too is very easy to grown plant especially from seed. You can plant them in individual pots or larger pot or even outside and basically that’s it. They doesn’t require much care, water or anything else, but will grow quickly and look great.



One of the easiest flowers to grow from seed is sunflowers. You just basically buy the seeds, plant them straight into the soil, place the pot or if you plant sunflowers outside plant them in a spot that is sunny yet a little sheltered and see how they grow tall and beautiful.



Another cute flowers that are great for growing them from seed are marigolds. Take the Marigold seeds, plant them in a soil about 1/8 inches deep, as see how they sprout in just a week and afterward grow into beautiful plants. Fun fact, they are great mosquito repellent too, so plant them just for fun of with a purpose and enjoy.


340324Moss Rose

Who doesn’t like roses, but did you know that roses, in this case moss roses, are also very easy to grow despite the assumption that roses require a lot of care. All you need is a place to plant them, their seeds and that’s it. Plant them and see how your garden fills with colorful roses.



We associate the word pansy with something negative, but flowers by this name actually are nice colorful blossoms to add some color to your garden. And taking that they are easy to grow from seed that is an added bonus. You can grow them in summer or in the winter and all you need to do is to plant their seeds into soil and water them once in a while. Nothing is more cheerful than pretty pansy flower bed.



And lastly nasturtium flowers too are easy to grown and will look good in your garden or on your windowsill. These plants can be grown even by children, that’s how easy it is to grow them from seed. Plant Nasturtium seeds directly into the soil, pour some water on them and see them develop.