durolux 4 feet 4 bulb fixtureDuroLux DL844S is a T5 powered grow light that is capable of producing 20000 lumens while using only 216 Watts of power. This grow light has a 95% reflector and a daisy-chain option so it is very easy to use as well as super efficient and will give a lot of light to your plants.

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Design & Build quality

This T5 grow lights is made from high strength aluminum and has the dimensions of 47.5 inches x 12.5 inches x 4 inches (120 cm x 31.7 cm x 10.1 cm) but the shipping weight of the whole light within the box is around 12 pounds (5.4 kg). As you can see this light is not that small but considering that it houses four 4 feet T5 High Output bulbs it is very acceptable. If we look at this fixture from the outside we can see that it has a metallic (aluminum) body color but underneath the body there is that huge German Hammertone reflector that spans across the whole fixture but underneath that there are 4 T5 bulbs arranged in compact placement. Because this T5 grow light is created from aluminum it is very durable but also lightweight and you will have no problem fitting it to the sealing of your desired growing area.

The whole design is somewhat elliptical with curved edges so this light will look great even in the most sophisticated grow room but the design is not just pretty but also functional as it allows all the light that is produced by those 4 bulbs to be directed downwards for more efficiency.

Technology / Features

DuroLux has created this 4 feet 4 bulb fixture with the end user in mind as everything that you can see has some value and the light is designed to be as efficient as it can as well as being convenient and long lasting. If we start from the top then we can see that there are two metal hangers included in the package and they are attached to metallic chains so there should be no problem whatsoever with the strength of these hangers. If we move downward then the whole light is created from aluminum body that makes it light but also will not let it heat up that much in the summer when the ambient temperature is higher than usual and the heat from those bulbs and ballasts inside that body could be too big. Ballasts that are sealed inside that body are made to be durable as well as efficient and they are made to be fitted with HO (High Output) T5 bulbs so be careful and do not put regular NO (Normal Output) bulbs in those sockets.

If we look at those previously mentioned reflectors we can see that they produce around 95% reflection from the bulbs and direct all that light right beneath the fixture. That means that when you grow your plants they will get almost 3 times as much light as they would normally get because all the side and top light created by those bulbs is also directed downward.

If we talk about technology then I must also mention that daisy-chain feature that allows you to power up to 7 of these units from one socket as each light has not just a power-in socket but also a power-out socket. So multiple of these fixtures can be connected together. That will allow you to uncluttered your grow room from all those unnecessary chords. And because each bulb comes with 8 feet (2.4 m) long power chord you can mount these light all across your desired grow room / greenhouse.

Bulbs & Efficency

When you purchase this fixture you have the option to choose from 6500 K grow bulbs to 3000 K bloom bulbs and because there is an option to switch each pair (two bulbs) on or off separately I would advise to choose two of each kind as that will also increase the light diversity and will create a much more suiting environment for your plants. These bulbs are 4 feet T5 High Ouput models and that means that they are made to produce much more light than your average T5 bulbs that you get inside your office fluorescent fixtures. Because of that HO feature each of those 54 Watt bulbs can create around 5000 lumens and that means that their lumen to watt efficiency is about 92 lm/w ( a lot more light for a lot less energy). Together 4 of these bulbs consume only about 216 Watts but they produce 20000 lumens and that is enough to grow dozens of seedlings or a couple of huge blooming plants.


  • Great efficiency – 92 lm/w
  • Aluminum body
  • 95% reflective German made reflectors
  • Very low price


  • Need to be very close to plants to produce maximum growth