Aquariums similarly to gardens and plant growing require special lighting, because the light over aquariums is the thing that lest plants in the aquarium grow and in return keep the fish happy. So aquarium owners too need to know which lights are best for their aquariums.

In my opinion, T5 High Output grow lights are the best to use for lighting aquariums and that is because of a couple of reasons:

  1. The light that is emitted by T5 HO bulbs is very intense, but at the same time the light also radiates very low amounts of heat, which means that the aquariums will be properly lit and the plants and fish inside will get the light they need, but the lights won’t heat up the water, that can cause unsuitable living conditions for the fish as well as the plants.
  2. 201112118204416264bAlso in terms of efficiency the T5 HO grow lights are much more efficient than other similar lights. With the T5 lights you will get high lumen output for low watt consumption, meaning that the light radiating from the lights will be bright but you won’t have to pay a lot of money to keep lighting your aquarium.
  3. Moreover, T5 lights also come of variety of different sizes which is good especially to aquarium owners, because this means that they can adapt the light to the aquarium not the aquarium to the lights.
  4. Most T5 light fixtures nowadays come with pre-installed electronic ballast which is great, because aquarium lighting needs to be with electronic ballasts to be able to provide steady current stream and not create any hotspots that can cause problems in the aquarium.
  5. And last but definitely not least is the fact, that T5 bulbs come in a lot of different color temperature variations, which means that you can tailor the color temperature of the light you want radiated towards your aquarium by either buying ready-made bulbs, or mixing bulbs in a T5 grow light fixture to achieve the best possible light your aquarium needs.

So here are the main reasons you should choose T5 grow light as your aquarium light. I guarantee you won’t regret this decision, because T5 lights truly are the best lights for freshwater aquariums with or without plants as well as marine aquariums.