Bulbs are one of the most important parts of grow lights because they are the ones that are responsible for emitting specific light spectrum that can either benefit or damage the plants. That is why it is important to not only purchase the right bulbs for your light purpose, but also to purchase the best bulbs, because this way you will be not only able to provide you plants with the best possible light, but also will save money. To help you chose the best bulbs, here is a list of the best 4 feet long bulbs that have the color temperature of 3,000 Kelvins.

Spectralux T5 54 Watt HO Lamp


The first on my list are these Spectralux 4 feet 3,000 Kelvin bulbs. Although they might not seem anything special, they actually great replacement bulbs to use. Because of the fact that they the same as the rest of bulbs featured on this list indeed have the color temperature of 3,000 Kelvins, they are perfectly suited to plants that have gone into their flowering stages of growth, meaning that they have started to bloom. And because of the 3,000 Kelvin spectrum they will promote plant flowering which in the end will result in huge yield. The power that these Spectralux lights give out is 5,000 lumens, and for these lumens the watts that they each consume are 54 watts.

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Halco F54T5 bulbs


The next on this list are the Halco 4 feet replacement bulbs. These bulbs as per the standard have 5,000 lumen light output and watt consumption of 54 watts. With these burned watts, for example if you have a two bulb fixture, you will have to pay on average about 17 cents a day (taking average cost per kilowatt hour as 10 cents), so if you think about it you will only have to pay about 5 dollars more for electricity each month while still enjoying fresh spices, flowers of any other plants you want to grow under artificial lighting. And of course the 3,000 Kelvin color temperature also still applies to these Halco bulbs.

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Generic Plantmax T5 bulbs


Next on this list are the Generic brand Plantmax T5 grow light bulbs. They too have the wattage of 54 watts and the light output of 5,000 lumens that will provide great light payoff. The average life of these bulbs are about 20,000 hours, meaning even if you would burn them 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 3 years, they would still be going strong, so not only they are cheap in terms of daily use, but also cheap in terms of how often you will need to replace them. And the white warm light of the bulbs will help you grow multiple seasons worth of plants.

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Ultra-Sun T5 HO Bulbs

Ultra Sun T5 54W HO bulbs

And the last bulbs that I will be talking about are the Ultra-Sun brand 4 feet long T5 lamp bulbs, because they similarly to others have the perfect color spectrum and energy specifications to be one of the best grow light replacement bulbs. These Ultra-Sun bulbs will chew up 54 watts of electricity per burned hour, but in return they give out 5,000 lumens strong light that not only will penetrate even the lower leaves of plants, but also won’t emit a lot of heat therefore won’t give the plants heat damage. And the 3,000 Kelvin color temperature is not only great for flowering plants, but also is great for mixing different bulbs to create your own unique light for your indoors garden plants.

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