T5 grow lights are one of the most efficient grow lights out there because they can be used in many different setups and for many different purposes and growing plants is only one of them. So even though I am convinced that T5 lights are the best options for me and my grow operation I thought I write an article on all the benefits that come from growing plants with T5 light to try and convince you too that T5 fixtures are the best option for your garden, or even your house, office, garage or any other space that needs light.

Probably the first and the largest benefit of using T5 grow lights to grow plants is that they are one of the most energy efficient lights on the market. As far as fluorescent lighting goes T5 bulbs and fixtures are your best bet because T5 lights will not only illuminate light that is powerful and will definitely help you plants to thrive, they also will consume a lot less watts than other fluorescent lights do giving you a lot of light while keeping your electricity bill small.

Growing plants with T5 grow lights usually mean that you are using the light fixtures to grow plants indoors, which is also the second biggest benefit of growing plants with a T5 light. Growing indoors firstly means that the plants are always easily accessible to you. I can’t count the times when I have dreaded to go outside for some fresh spices because it was raining really hard, but by growing those spices or any other plants indoors you won’t have to brave the weather to go get what you need, they will be at your arms reach whenever you need them.

Secondly, growing indoors and using T5 grow lights as your light source also means that you don’t have to count on the weather or season to grow your plants. Artificial light source, in this case T5 fixtures, will allow you to grow your plants all year a round, meaning that you will get fresh plants in the heat of the summer as well as dead of the winter.

Thirdly, by growing plants all year around you might even be able to have multiple yields during the year. Because T5 lighting allow you to grow even when it is cold and dark outside you can gave one yield in the fall and second one in the spring, which will give you double the joy and double the yield to enjoy.

And growing plants with T5 lighting also gives you much bigger variety of what you can do with your plants. Because T5 bulbs are available in a huge selection of color temperatures and they can be mixed too, that gives you the ability to create light conditions that are much more beneficial to the plants than regular sunlight is. On top of that you can experiment with color temperatures as well as light cycles and find out which plants respond better to which light combination to truly give your plants exactly the light they need.