If you are a plant enthusiast or simply like to fill your indoors space with a lot of plants and greenery to refresh the room then you might want to check out how to make yourself a plant stand to nicely space out your plants and make them look even cooler and more beautiful. It is not only very easy but also very fun to embark on a DIY project and spruce up your space and you plants with new and homemade plant stands.

6a00d8358081ff69e201a3fd11b6fa970b-800wiThere are many different types of plant stands you can build from circle ones to square ones to ones that seemingly hang in the air. So first you need to figure out yourself which style of plant stand you want and which style will best fit in your interior. After that is done you can start gathering materials and building your own plant stand because, no matter what shape the plant stand will be the building process and needed material for the plant stands will be similar.

For this particular one level DIY plant stand project you will need a wood board (circle, square, rectangular, it doesn’t really matter), short wooden legs (the number of legs depend on the size and shape of the wood board), a mounting plate for each of the legs and screws for attaching the plates. I would recommend to also buy some wood sealer and wood stain if you want to give the plant stand some color and to make it so that it doesn’t give you wood splinters when you touch it and to prevent the wood for damage. And as for the tools you will obviously need a paint bush for the stain and sealer and a power drill to attach the legs.

DIY_plant_standSo first things first. If you have decided to use a wood sealer and/or stain you should use them before you attach the legs so that it is not only easier to pant all of the details of the stand but also faster. First use the wood stain to give the plant stand some character, let that dry and then seal the stand with wood sealer. Let that dry also and only then you can start on the drilling and leg attaching.

Once all of the details of the DIY plant stand are dry you will need to attach the leg mounting plates to the wood board. First decide how many and at what intervals you want your plant stand to have the legs spaced and then, using the power drill, attache the leg mounts to the wood with some screws. Then all that left to do is to screw the legs into the mounting plates you just attached and admire your work.

Ladder-plant-stand11If you want a plant stand that has more than one levels you can also build that because it is not that harder than what I previously described. Here instead of short legs you will need longer dowels and instead of mounting plates for the legs you will need brackets to keep the wood boards to the dowels. Measure out how low or high you want your wood shelves to be, attache the bracket contentions to the dowels, then place the wood boards on the brackets and screw them to them and your DIY plant stand with more than one levels is done.

But if you don’t want to build anything but you still want a certain style to you plant stand you can simply purchase a two sided wood ladder and use that as a plant plant stand. Place a few longer wooden boards between the bottom steps of the ladder and shorter ones between the top steps. The wood boards will act as shelves where you can place you plants or any other interior objects you want. So this way you will not only add storage space to your indoors space, but will give it a rustic and homey feel too.