If you have read the articles on this website or any other information about T5 lights then you probably know that T5 fluorescent lights are one of the most efficient and best kind of light on the market, because not only they last for a long time, but they also are able to give out very bright and powerful light that will illuminate any place, while being very energy efficient. But did you know that T5 lights are favorite lights not only amongst plant growers and gardeners but also among airports?

miami airportOne good example of airport that uses the T5 lights is the Miami International Airport. This Airport is the airport that hosts the largest number of planes going to Latin America and Caribbean Islands and over all is one of the busiest international airports in United States.  Recently this airport did improvements on its lighting systems, by replacing all their mercury vapor lights with T5 and RT5 lights, which lead up to 50 percent savings of wattage and therefore cost reductions, letting the airport work more efficiently and with lower costs.

Sacramento Airport Another airport that uses T5 lights is the Sacramento International Airport. This Airport is located in Northern California and it has two terminals. Every day more than 300 commercial flights departure from and arrive at this airport, making this airport an important hub for flights across the US and also to Canada. In the airport itself there are different lights used but among them T5 HO bulbs illuminate all the ticket kiosks, making it easy to see everything and make the right decisions.

chenai airportAnd also airports outside the US are found of T5 lights, for example the Chennai Airport, which is located in India. This airport is the third busiest airport in India, and every day hosts not only more that 300 commercial flights but many cargo aircrafts too. The administration of the airport has found that the perfect lighting solution for their terminals is the T5 lights. These lights have made it possible for the Chennai airport to have huge energy savings, which in return contributes to lower energy costs and more efficient operation of the airport.

So you see that the T5 lights are not only phenomenal grow lights but can be used as regular lighting even in very busy and high maintenance places light airports, because they eliminate the need of frequent replacing of bulbs while reducing electricity costs and making the lighting much better.